Arcade controls with JammASD

This guide will help you to use your original arcade cabinet controls (sticks and buttons) under Batocera. The simplest way actually, is to use a JammASD controller.

For the moment, this controller (used to send VGA signal, sound, and control informations to your JAMMA connector) is not known by EmulationStation, but a few tips can help to to use Batocera on your original cabinet.

Under EmulationStation, JammASD's controls are considered as a keyboard, and it's not the easiest way to configure 2 players controllers.

So, you have to change your JammASD drivers into X-Arcade drivers to use all your arcade panel.

1. Connect to Batocera using SSH

2. Type :

ls /dev/input/by-id

You will see this interface : usb-ASD_JammASD_Interface_ASD275D-if01-event-kbd

touch /userdata/system/configs/xarcade2jstick/usb-ASD_JammASD_Interface_ASD275D-if01-event-kbd

3. Reboot your Batocera

Now, you only have to edit your controls under EmulationStation menu. Then, your arcade panel will be known as Xarcade-to-Gamepad Device 1 and Xarcade-to-Gamepad Device 2

Note: With this tip, it's possible now to have START P1 + A to credit your arcade games ^^
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