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 {{::x_button.jpg?nolink&600|}} {{::x_button.jpg?nolink&600|}}
 +As mentioned above, unfortunately there is no "One gamepad for all" which covers all differerent original console gamepads.
 +But there are some pads like the PS3 controllers for example, which have enough buttons to cover a large part of original controllers of different systems (GB, NES, SNES, PS1, N64, Genesis/MegaDrive, Dreamcast and many more) as long as the layout somewhat matches.
 +Usually, if the standard gamepad of a certain console has Left and Right Shoulder/Trigger Button(s) they are either already mapped to L1/L2 and R1/R2 (on preconfigured Pads like PS3-controller for example) or should ideally be mapped like this for the actual pad you are using.
 +Also the four action buttons X, A, B, Y (or Triangle, Circle, X and Square) are either already mapped in the same way/orientation as the original pad, or should be mapped like this, if possible.
 +D-Pad and analog stick (s) should of course be mapped appropriately.
 +For Hotkey it is either a special key on the pad (like PS button in the middle of PS3/4 controller) or if no special key is available it should be the Select Button.
 +Here are pictures of a small selection of controllers for original consoles with their button layout as a guide/orientation:
 +And here pictures of the most commonly used controllers for emulation, with the correspoding button mapping/layout:
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