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Most of the time you have two versions of the Batocera distribution available:

  • Stable: most stable version, recommended for most users.
  • Beta: bleeding-edge version, sometimes alpha or pre-alpha internal build. Stability is usually not an issue, but particular things can often be broken in this version.

How to switch from the stable to beta train of releases on your Batocera machine? You need to connect with SSH and edit /userdata/system/batocera.conf to put:


Upon reboot, you'll be able to update your Batocera to the latest beta version. You can edit it back to stable whenever you want.

If you are on Batocera 5.25 or later, you can also check the latest stable version available from the command line with:


And if you want to check on the latest beta version, with it's build date, you can type:

batocera-check-update beta

You can download the current stable releases for each architecture from:

For beta and pre-release versions, only X86_64 and RPi3 builds are generated on a regular basis, because they're the most commonly used architectures. But sometimes, you can ask or have a beta build for another architecture. Just adapt the URL to the architecture, with the same pattern as in the URLs above. Beta versions can be downloaded them from:

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