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 +<- [[:navigation|Click here to go back to the main navigation page.]]
 +====== Devices ======
 +This is all about devices that Batocera can be run on. You'll see there's quite a wide variety!
 +For traditional x86 full-tower desktop PCs (including benchmarks):
 +  * [[:choose_a_desktop_computer|Choose a PC/Benchmarks]]
 +For traditional PC graphics cards and what's required to utilize them/activate their official drivers and features:
 +  * [[:supported_pc_hardware|Supported PC GPU cards]]
 +For ultra small form-factor (USFF)/next unit computer (NUC)/mini PCs specifically (although the above links refer to these as well):
 +  * [[:usff_nuc_mini_pcs|USFF/NUC/Mini PC]]
 +For single board computers such as the Raspberry Pi and the handhelds powered by them:
 +  * [[:choose_a_single_board_computer|Choose a single board computer]]
 +For handheld portable systems that are powered by lightweight SoCs (usually passively cooled and not that powerful, but completely quiet and light):
 +  * [[:choose_a_handheld|Choose a handheld]]
 +For handheld PCs that are powered by traditional desktop x86 chips (they usually are larger and require active cooling):
 +  * [[:handheld_pc|Handheld PC]]
 +For a list of compatible wireless dongles (when either your internal one isn't working or there is none):
 +  * [[hardware:compatible_dongle_list|Compatible wireless dongle list]]
 +And a special section just for the Capcom Home Arcade (it's complicated):
 +  * [[hardware:capcom_home_arcade|Capcom Home Arcade]]