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  • You may need to change your BIOS to allow legacy and unsecured boot
  • Unplug any attached storage or controllers

How to get access to a Linux console for troubleshooting?

  • If you can't use SSH because the network is not available, you can plug a USB keyboard on your Batocera box and:
    • on an x86_64 or x86 PC you can get a console with full graphical capabilities by pressing the [F1] key from the main system menu (to get into the file manager) and then [F4] for an xterm.
    • for other architectures, you can get to a text console by pressing simultaneously [Ctrl][Alt][F3].

By the way you can also diagnose some sound issues with the alsamixer sound mixer that is available when pressing [Ctrl][Alt][F4] (text-mode sound mixer).

When you try to launch a game, the emulator stops and gets you back to EmulationStation. In most cases, you will find some useful information in /userdata/system/logs/es_launch_stderr.log.

In case you want to share a snapshot of your system log files to help developers diagnose your systemm you can use the menu SYSTEM SETTINGSDEVELOPERCREATE A SUPPORT FILE It will generate a tarball in /userdata/saves/ named batocera-support-YYYYMMDDHHMMSS.tar.gz (with year/date/time of creation in the filename).


  • Will not show up in Emulation-Station unless you have a rom in the folder
  • Does not support Encrypted Games - Must be Decrypted


  • Bios may be needed if having graphical issues and boot issues
  • Most games let you invert your controls if you feel the left stick is swapped
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