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fishou [PORTS] added easyrpg, I know we're not yet in stable version with it, but since I've made the page and don't want to forget to put it here later..
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   * [[emulators:Mr.Boom|Mr. Boom (lr-mrboom)]]   * [[emulators:Mr.Boom|Mr. Boom (lr-mrboom)]]
   * [[emulators:Cavestory]]   * [[emulators:Cavestory]]
 +  * [[emulators:openbor|Open Beats of Rage (openbor)]]
 +  * [[emulators:Cannonball|Cannonball (enhanced Outrun)]]
 +  * [[emulators:easyrpg|EasyRPG (RPG Maker 2000/2003 games)]]
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