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Download Batocera Image from Batocera Website

Installation Guide

  • Download Balena Etcher for your OS
  • Download an image file from the download section on the Batocera website that matches the architecture you want to use for Batocera.
  • Install and run Etcher
  • Warning : some browsers like Chrome/Opera/Safari may take the liberty to unzip the file by them-self and badly rename them. If the file is more than 1GB, it is already unzipped.
  • Warning(2) : if your download fails, use another browser. Yes, Chrome sucks, that's a fact, use another browser.
  • Insert a usb key or a sdcard on your computer
  • Select the image batocera-(version)-(arch)-(date).img.gz that you just downloaded, and the drive in Etcher like on the following screenshot and click on Flash! You don't even need to unzip the file, Etcher will take care of it.

  • Once finished, go on your USB key/SD card and check that it contains a boot folder (files differ depending on architectures)

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