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 =====MAME===== =====MAME=====
- +This page is now deprecatedPlease get up to date information [[arcade|from this newer wiki page]].
-MAME is a fantastic piece of software, that evolved from being a **M**ulti **A**rcade **M**achine **E**mulator into a [[https://www.mamedev.org/|framework whose goal is to emulate as many vintage computer systems as possible]].  +
- +
-MAME's focus is emulation accuracy, rather than performance. As a result, it emulates **a lot** of gaming systems, but often times, the performance is better when you use other cores, like FBNeo or dedicated Naomi or Atomiswave emulators. +
- +
-With each new versions, MAME can take new ROM dumps as their reference for emulators. A ROM dump that worked with an earlier version of MAME might not work with a recent version any longer. Versions of MAME have their specific ROM sets, see the table below for the correspondence with Batocera and RetroArch versions. +
- +
-As a general rule, when a new version of Batocera Linux is released, it's shipped with the latest stable MAME version available at the time of release. However, a couple "reference" versions of MAME are still shipped as alternative cores, as they are very popular ROM sets with good performance on most of the supported architectures. +
-Those two older reference ROM sets are **MAME 0.78 Plus** (aka MAME 2003 Plua) and **MAME 0.139** (aka MAME 2010). You can select them from the "core" section in the game settings. +
- +
- +
-===MAME ROM SETS=== +
- +
-^Batocera version   ^Latest MAME core  ^RetroArch version^ +
-|Batocera 5.25 | MAME 0.219 | RetroArch 1.8.4| +
-|Batocera 5.24 | MAME 0.214 | RetroArch| +
-|Batocera 5.23 | MAME 0.212 | RetroArch 1.7.7 | +
-|Batocera 5.22 | MAME 0.212 | RetroArch 1.7.7 | +
-|Batocera 5.21 | MAME 0.206 | RetroArch 1.7.6 | +
- +
-For the **MAME 2003 Plus** ROM set, it's a custom rom set build with the old **MAME 78** one, but with many new games roms added or and some modified, to fix all the bugs possible on this old MAME engine. +
-This work was done because this engine is really light  on processor and works fine on all the little boards like PI3 and others ... +
- +
-===MAME 2003 PLUS SETTINGS=== +
- +
-If you have a special stick like the [[https://www.retroblast.com/reviews/joysticks/happrotary.html|Happ Rotary Arcade]] you need to configure both joystick and keyboard at same time: +
- +
-<code xml> +
-Dial :   AZERTY keyboard: "^" (between  "P" and "Enter") -- QWERTY keyboard: "[" (leftbracket) +
-Dial :   AZERTY keyboard: "$" (between "P" and "Enter" -- QWERTY keyboard: "]" (rightbracket) +
-Dial 2 : AZERTY keyboard: "*" (between "m" and "Enter" -- QWERTY keyboard: "/" (slash) +
-Dial 2 : AZERTY keyboard: "!" (between "m" and Right)    -- QWERTY keyboard: "\" (backslash) +
-</code> +
- +
-You must launch your game, open the //Retroarch menu// [[basic_commands|with Hotkey + B]], go to **Input Interface** and activate the option **Simultaneous**. +
-Then you can use your joystick and keyboard keys at the same time. +
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