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 +Some users like to have different songs played back when browsing different gaming systems. For example, they like to listen to some Sega-oriented themes while they are browsing their Megadrive library, and Nintendo-inspired songs when browsing their SNES games.
 +In order to do this on Batocera, you can create subfolders in your ''/userdata/music/'' directory and put some Sega-inspired MP3 or OGG files in ''/userdata/music/megadrive/'' folder, and others more Nintendo-like into ''/userdata/music/snes/''.
 +If you enable ''ONLY PLAY SYSTEM-SPECIFIC MUSIC FOLDER'', you will only get a random selection of the songs located in ''/userdata/music/megadrive/'' when you browse your Megadrive games, but none from your SNES subfolder.
 +Warning: the song files that are present in ''/userdata/music/'' will be picked up randomly for any system (whether you have system-specific songs or not).
 +If you disable ''ONLY PLAY SYSTEM-SPECIFIC MUSIC FOLDER'', Batocera will randomly pick up a song in your ''/userdata/music/'' directory and any of its sub-folders.
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