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 +=====Random Video Screensaver settings=====
 +  * **Swap video after** {{:switch-slider.png?30|}} indicates the time in seconds before switching to the next video when the screensaver takes over
 +  * **Show game info on screensaver** - you can have an overlay of the game title and platform that runs either always, or only at the beginning and the end of the video, or never
 +  * **Use marquee as Game Info** {{:switch-button.png?20|}} if you scraped the game marquees and prefer to display a graphic image rather than plain text
 +  * **Decorations** - do you want to add a bezel to the screensaver video snapshot? You can select between the default bezel for the system showed in the snap, a random bezel, or none.
 +  * **Stretch video on screensaver** {{:switch-button.png?20|}} 
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