This allows you to earn achievements on old retro games like Mario, Sonic, etc. on several home gaming systems, as well as some arcade games (like Neo Geo or some MAME games). This is very similar to Xbox 360 or PS3/PS4 achievements or successes and you’re able to keep track of what you’ve unlocked from RetroAchievements. The best in this: it’s a free service.


  • HARDCORE MODE with this mode on, special Libretro features like rewind, fast forward or cheat codes are disabled. Very much the real “console” experience, for hardcore fans.
  • LEADERBOARDS some games keep a ranking of all RetroAchievements players. Compete with the best players on the Internet!
  • VERBOSE MODE when you unlock an achievement, get details about the achievement you have unlocked, with a cute little badge in the upper left corner of your screen.
  • AUTOMATIC SCREENSHOT do you want to keep a screenshot of the moment you unlocked a RetroAchievement? They are stored in the Batocera screenshot directory.
  • UNLOCK SOUND if you want to play a sound, like the classic PS3 or Xbox360 success unlock sound. You have a selection of retrogaming-oriented sounds, but you can also add your own unlock sounds in /userdata/sounds/retroachievements/ as long as they are in the .ogg format.
  • USERNAME and PASSWORD are the ones you have set up on the RetroAchievements website.
  • SHOW IN MAIN MENU if you want a shortcut to the RetroAchievement screen from the main menu (see the screenshot below)
  • FIND ALL/NEW GAMES in order to show a little icon in the Batocera menu for the games that have RetroAchievements, you have to use this option to calculate the MD5 checksums of your ROM files and make sure they match what the RetroAchievements database is expecting. You can do that for all games in your library, or games that haven't been indexed yet.

Batocera 30 introduces an updated look and feel for the RetroAchievements screen. You can select each game to have more details, including each RetroAchivement for each game, and you can even launch the game from this screen.

RetroAchievements are only available on libretro cores. If you play a system that has both standalone and libretro cores, make sure you selected a libretro core. But not all cores are compatible with RetroAchievements. You can have more information when you click on the “North” action button of your controller, Batocera tells you what core is currently configured, and which one is compatible with achievements (if there is one).

Also, achievements can depend on the ROM format you are using For example, for Playstation 1, make sure you are using .bin/.cue format at it's the only format supported, and not the .pbp format (as for early 2021).

Finally, if you want to compete with fellow Batocera users, you can find a list of Batocera RetroAchievements players on this page from the web site.

Go to the Discord channel and ask moderators to be added to the list!

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