This gives you the option to select a and set a new theme for your system.

Compatibility issues for themes are not unheard of, so be sure to make sure there are no reported issues on the theme you’re applying.

Starting with Batocera.linux 5.24, most EmulationStation for RetroPie and Recalbox are compatible. But some features are unique to Batocera and require a theme that has been designed for Batocera.

A selection of Batocera-compatible themes can be installed through the menu UPDATES & DOWNLOADSTHEMES.

This menu gives you a list of themes available like:

In the screenshot above you can see which new themes can be downloaded, and which themes are available for an upgrade, based on their icons.

It very easy from a user perspective, take a look at the video below for the whole process to install a new theme and switch it on:

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