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Upgrades can be done manually :

  • in case you want to reinstall a previous version
  • in case the upgrades are broken
  • in case you want to upgrade to a custom version

To upgrade manually :

  1. download the file boot.tar.xz of the version you want. The official ones are available here :
  2. a .tar.xz file is an archive format, like a .zip. Just unzip this file onto your SD card/USB key to replace existing files.

Or, starting with batocera.linux 5.23:

  1. from SSH, adapt the url to the right architecture and run : batocera-upgrade (this example is for PC x86_64, please adapt the URL to the right architecture)

For batocera.linux 5.7 to 5.22:

  1. from SSH, the command line would be: /recalbox/scripts/ (for PC x86_64, please adapt to the right architecture)

These commands upgrade – or potentially downgrade – the Batocera system. Upgrading or downgrading doesn't remove any of your user data (ROMs, metadata…). Like never, ever.

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