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Upgrades/Downgrades can be done manually :

  • in case you want to reinstall a previous version
  • in case the upgrades are broken
  • in case you want to upgrade to a custom version

To upgrade/downgrade manually :

  1. download the file boot.tar.xz of the version you want. The official ones are available here :
  2. a .tar.xz file is an archive format, like a .zip. Just unzip this file onto your SD card/USB key to replace existing files.

Or, starting with batocera.linux 5.23:

  1. from SSH, adapt the url to the right architecture and run : batocera-upgrade (this example is for PC x86_64, please adapt the URL to the right architecture)

For batocera.linux 5.7 to 5.22:

  1. from SSH, the command line would be: /recalbox/scripts/ (for PC x86_64, please adapt to the right architecture)

These commands upgrade – or potentially downgrade – the Batocera system. Upgrading or downgrading doesn't remove any of your user data (ROMs, metadata…). Like never, ever.

If you get an error message telling you that you don't have enough space on your Batocera system partition when you upgrade, there might be several explanations.

One of them is that you have stored several splash boot video files on the /boot partition. Remove them, and try to upgrade again.

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