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 +===== WiFi SSID =====
 +**What is an SSID?**
 +An SSID is the name of your wireless network.
 +**Connecting to your SSID**
 +When you select SSID, a keyboard will pop-up and allow you to type in your networks SSID - Type it exactly the same (case sensitive)
 +**How do I know if it was successful?**
 +After toggling on the WiFi, Entering the SSID and Password, go to the bottom to "Back" and select it. This will take you back one page in the menu. Go back into your network portion of the menu and you should see an IP address towards the top of the menu. Ex . If you see numbers at the top, then you successfully connected to Wifi
 +**What if it wasn't?**
 +Go back and double check that you have the correct username and password entered. If you still are having issues, this might be a driver issue with your WiFi Card. Feel free to report the issue along with the make and model of the wifi adapter or the name of the PC if it is integrated into the motherboard.
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