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Access Batocera Linux via ssh

First, make sure that SSH is enabled on your box — by default, on a fresh install, it is enabled. Check your /userdata/system/batocera.conf file and make sure you have:


When SSH is enabled, the only Linux user on a Batocera system is root:

ssh root@batocera.local
  • user is always root
  • the default password is linux
  • if you enabled SYSTEM SETTINGS SECURITY, the root password is visible from this menu.

For passwordless authentication, you can add your public SSH keys (from ~/.ssh/ on your client machine) to the list of authorized keys on your Batocera box into the file /userdata/system/.ssh/authorized_keys.

Windows users are advised to use Putty to connect through ssh:
Linux and MacOSX users can use command line ssh from a terminal.

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