A spreadsheet with all details on supported emulators can be found here.

Why isn't Dolphin (wii/gamecube) supported on my Odroid?

  • current versions of Dolphin only have x86_64 and arm8 JIT.
  • older versions supported arm7 (xu4 is arm7) but they are no more maintained.
  • Dolphin requires a 2Ghz CPU (c2 is maximum 1.9 Ghz).
  • in other words, it could be supported, but through an old version, or too slow.

Why isn't Reicast (dreamcast) supported on my Odroid c2?

  • the Reicast code is not ready for the aarch64 architecture yet.

Why isn't Apple II supported on my Odroid?

  • the Apple II emulator requires SDL (1) to work.
  • the SDL v2 was patched to support the Odroid graphical card, but SDL (1) was not.
  • in other words, it could be supported but requires to upgrade Apple II emulator to SDL2.
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