Supported emulators

A spreadsheet with what emulators are on which platform can be found here.

Why isn't Steam on my handheld/SBC?

  • Steam is a x86 based program, and thus only available on x86/x86_64 builds. This Github post explains why Steam an ARM isn't currently feasible.
    • In the meantime however, you can use Moonlight to video stream your PC games to your SBC.

Why can't I install Windows programs on my ARM-based SBC through WINE? I thought that let you run Windows programs in Linux!

  • For the same reason as above, WINE is x86 and only compatible with x86/x86_64 builds.
  • Even if WINE itself could be theoretically ported to other platforms, most Windows programs themselves are still x86 only/depend on x86-based libraries. The same applies to Proton.
    • In the meantime however, you can use Moonlight to video stream your PC games to your SBC.

Why isn't Dolphin (Wii/Gamecube) supported on my (old) handheld/SBC?

  • Current versions of Dolphin only have x86_64 and arm8 JIT.
  • Older versions supported arm7 (Odroid XU4 is arm7), but they are no longer maintained.
  • Dolphin requires a 2Ghz CPU (Odroid C2 maximum is 1.9 Ghz).

In other words, it could be supported for specifically older handhelds, but only through an older version of Dolphin. Batocera maintains only the current/latest versions of most emulators. If you'd like to port over and maintain an older version of Dolphin for your particular platform, feel free to open a pull request. Do note that expected performance would still be pretty low even if achieved.

Why isn't Reicast (Dreamcast) supported on my Odroid C2?

  • The Reicast code is not ready for the aarch64 architecture yet.

Why isn't Apple II supported any more?

Good news: Apple II is back (along with a brand new Apple 2GS emulator) when you upgrade to Batocera 32 or later.

Why was the Apple II emulator removed at some point?

  • The previous Apple II emulator, LinApple, required SDL v1 to work.
  • SDL v2 was patched to support GPUs on recent SBC or 64-bit PC, but SDL v1 never was.
  • In other words, LinApple has been removed as it required an upgrade to SDL v2, that never happened.

GSPlus, an Apple II+2GS emulator, has been included in Batocera since v32.

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