Once you've built your Batocera image, you can:

  • either copy the boot.tar.xz image onto your batocera.linux box and update from there
  • or configure your running Batocera to upgrade from another computer with its own web server

The former is OK for one-off images, but if you often build new images, it's worth spending some time with the latter to make the upgrade process much smoother.

Configure your other computer

  • have a http server like Apache running on your computer (typically the compilation server).
  • create a subdirectory inside www part to host all your Batocera images
  • make a subtree like this one : x86_64/stable/last (for x86_64 builds, needs to be adapted to other supported architectures if that's your goal)
  • create a symbolic link from x86_64/stable/last to /path/to/your/build/output/images/batocera/
  • copy the file /path/to/your/build/output/images/batocera/batocera.version to the same batocera directory.
  • at this step, you should be able to download the following files :

Now, access your batocera running instance the same way you add games, and in /userdata/system/batocera.conf file, add or edit the following line :


Now, you can upgrade from the system menu. Batocera will check for the newer version and upgrade from your computer hosting the boot.tar.xz file.

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