Batocera Linux License

Batocera Linux is a free and open source project. We don't charge anyone for our work, and all the work on Batocera is done mostly for fun by a team of passionate people during their free time.

All the source code for the Batocera project is available from the Batocera Github repositories. You can download and re-build any Batocera version from the sources, and the current development status (master branch) is always open to anyone.

As you can see from the Github repositories, Batocera Linux is built from 400+ other projects (emulators, kernel, system, media assets, themes…). The licenses for each one of these projects is under the respective responsibility their teams – there is a mix of GPL, LGPL, BSD, MIT and non-commercial licenses, among others.

All the code specifically written by the Batocera Linux team, unless covered by a license from an upstream project, is given under the LGPL v3 license.

All the technical discussions and decisions are made collaboratively with public communication across the Batocera Linux team and the community. You can join it freely on the #developers Discord channel. Everybody is welcome to our Discord channels, and the Batocera Linux team condemns any form of discrimination. There are no private beta testers: everything is discussed freely across the community, as long as everyone is respectful of anyone else. Of course, we prohibit bots, spammers, aggressive and disrespectful language, and the moderator team keeps the right to kick/ban anyone from our Discord channel and forum if they transgress these rules.

No, this is forbidden. Even if it would be nice and give easier access to the distribution for non technical users, Batocera Linux includes software which cannot be associated with any commercial activity – for example, Batocera Linux ships with many libretro-based emulators, their licenses are very explicit about being non-commercial.

Of course, shipping Batocera with additional proprietary and copyrighted content is illegal, strictly forbidden, and discouraged by the Batocera Linux team.

Yes, it is allowed! We are aware that several other open-source projects have taken their roots from Batocera, and we love it – we regard this as a seal of approval of the quality of our code and project ;-)

Our license, Buildroot origins and build process make it fairly easy for anyone with development skills to help us. But you don't necessarily need to be a developer to help: editing wiki articles, translation, tutorial videos, reviews, blog writing, themes… there are plenty of things you can do! The best entry point is to come to our Discord channel and tell us how you want to help (or check out the various wiki articles).

You can also make a donation to the project. The development team's work is much easier when we have access to new development boards, USB wifi adapters or bluetooth controllers. So, any contribution to our Paypal account is always appreciated. Thank you!

So, you like the Batocera project and want to talk about us… but you need a high quality logo? The latest iterations of them and their source files can be retrieved from the Batocera-assets Github. Here are a couple of previews of the final output files (click on them to get their full size):

The main logo with text, to be used on a light background. The main logo with text, to be used on a dark background. The main logo, to be used on a light background. The main logo, to be used on a dark background. The simplified retrowave logo, to be used on a dark background. The simplified retrowave logo with background. Complex retrowave logo, to be used on a dark background. The splash screen. The simple banner screen, simplified for clarity.

All of these and more can be found at the Batocera-assets Github, this also includes 4K versions of some of these images and alternatives too!

If you like SVG files: Preview of the SVG file.

Here's the ASCII art of when you sign in:

      ____    __   ____  _____  ___  ____  ____    __
     (  _ \  /__\ (_  _)(  _  )/ __)( ___)(  _ \  /__\
      ) _ < /(__)\  )(   )(_)(( (__  )__)  )   / /(__)\
     (____/(__)(__)(__) (_____)\___)(____)(_)\_)(__)(__)
                      READY TO RETRO

The original Batocera logo (the one on the start page of this wiki) uses the Urba font by Preston Racette, which is “100% free for personal and commercial use”. Backup link.

The alternative font used in the former splash video is Entangled.

Logos used through Batocera's documentation are copyright of their respective owners.

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