Scrape From

This option is to allow you to change the source of where your images are coming from. It allows you to choose from Arcade Database, theGameDB or Screenscraper.

Screenscraper offers more options for game scraping (for example several image options, you can scrape video previews, etc.). But there is also a limitation in the number of assets you can download each day: 50,000 requests max per day. Also, if you use a “mix” for the image, be aware that you need to download a screenshot + box + game title/marquee, which are 3 downloads for 1 composite image.

In order to use ScreenScraper, you need to create a login on their website (otherwise you'll get a message in French telling that you need to register an account there).

Configuration is through Main Menu > Scrape. More info at scrape.

No, scraping is part of the EmulationStation binary, and can be only started from there. However, you can use the ARRM tool to easily manage your gamelist.xml files from Windows.

You can edit /userdata/system/configs/emulationstation/es_settings.cfg and edit the section:

    <string name="ScreenScraperUser" value="your_login" />
    <string name="ScreenScraperPass" value="your_pass" />

Make sure EmulationStation is stopped before editing this file, otherwise, ES might reverse your modifications. If you're not sure how to stop EmulationStation before editing this, you probably should use the UI to enter your credentials ;-)

If your username/password contains any special characters (like ?, Ó, ±, or ) it won't be parsed correctly by ES and you'll fail to login. Should have chosen a simpler password! :-P

Just kidding. You must escape special characters with a preceding backslash (\), eg. specialcharacter?inmypassword would become specialcharacter\?inmypassword. If the \ itself is in your password, just use \\.

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