Batocera.linux supports 2 kinds of splash boot.

  • A MP4 videos (for RPi, RPi2, RPi3, Odroid XU4, Odroid N2/N2+, Khadas VIM3 and RockPro64… and Pi4 and PC with Batocera 31+)
  • A fixed PNG image for all platforms

Video (if available) gets higher loading priority than images.

Since Batocera 5.27 the progress of adding images and videos is much easier to do. Just copy the appropriate files to your dedicated SHARE directory splash (on your SMB network, or /userdata/splash/ from SSH) and on reboot you can see your newest selections.

WARNING: ultimately, those splash videos will be copied into your /boot/ partition, which has limited space. Depending on your architecture, the sizes of your potential overlays and many other parameters, you might be limited to 100s of MB left on the /boot/ partition, less than 1 GB in most cases. Make sure you don't put too many videos in your splash directory or the process will not work.

You can have multiple *.mp4 files in /splash/ and the system will select one at random.

On the Odroid Go Advance and clones, by design, the screen is physically rotated. So you need to rotate your splash screen 90 degrees counter-clockwise to make it appear with the right orientation, see below for details.

By default, the sound is enabled. To disable it, edit the file /boot/batocera-boot.conf (from the system partition of your SDCard/USB) to get a line exactly like this one (without #) :


Don't forget that for any modification on /boot, you need to remount the partition in RW mode if you edit it from a SSH session on Batocera.

To disable splash video altogether, you can also disable it in the same file /boot/batocera-boot.conf with:


If you need to rotate the video splaah, in the same file /boot/batocera-boot.conf you can add a line with:

The value for rotation can be 0, 1, 2 or 3 representing 0, 90, 180 or 270 degrees of rotation respectively.

If you want to run your video splash screen for the whole length of it, edit /userdata/system/batocera.conf (or from the SHARE network folder, yes, this is not the same file as above!) and, if you want to make it 42 seconds, add a line like:


Any value can be set between 0 and 90 seconds.

You can also use k and i as a prefix before the timer.

  • i42 : the video player terminates itself, to a maximum length of 42 seconds
  • k42 : the video player is killed after 42 seconds, but it will stay on for the whole 42 seconds

Image splash boot

You can change the splash boot image by putting your own file as /boot/splash.png. On Batocera 5.25+, you can have multiple *.png files in /boot/ and the system will select one at random.

Please note that throughout this page, the path /boot/ refers to the Linux path on your Batocera box. However, if you mount your Batocera USB key/SD card on a Windows machine, that path will be the root of your mount point shown as BATOCERA like F:\ or whatever is your mount letter for your Batocera USB key/SD card ).

Disable sound on Video Splash for older Batocera versions

By default, the sound is enabled. To disable it, edit the file /boot/batocera-boot.conf on the usb key/sdcard to get a line exactly like this one (without #) :

splashsound = off
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