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Splash Boot

Batocera.linux supports 2 kinds of splash boot.

  • A MP4 video or a fixed PNG image for RPi1, RPi2, RPi3, Odroid XU4, Rockpro64
  • A fixed PNG image for other platforms (PC, Odroid N2, Odroid Go Advance…)

Splash boot screens can be customized.

Please note that throughout this page, the path /boot/ refers to the Linux path on your Batocera box. However, if you mount your Batocera USB key/SD card on a Windows machine, that path will be the root of your mount point shown as BATOCERA like F:\ or whatever is your mount letter for your Batocera USB key/SD card ).

Video splash boot

Disable sound

By default, the sound is enabled. To disable it, edit the file /boot/batocera-boot.conf on the usb key/sdcard to get a line exactly like this one (without #) :

splashsound = off

Customize splash video (only on RPi, RPi2, RPi3, Odroid XU4 and RockPro64)

Put a file in /boot/splash.mp4 on the USB key/SD card to replace the default video. Starting with Batocera 5.25, you can have multiple *.mp4 files in /boot/ and the system will select one at random. Also, with Batocera 5.25+, you can also add splash images too.

Image splash boot

You can change the splash boot image by putting your own file as /boot/splash.png. On Batocera 5.25+, you can have multiple *.png files in /boot/ and the system will select one at random.

On the Odroid Go Advance, by design, the screen is physically rotated. So you need to rotate your splash screen 90 degrees counter-clockwise to make it appear with the right orientation.

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