RetroAchievements allows you to earn achievements on old retro games like Mario, Sonic, etc. on several home gaming systems, as well as some arcade games (like Neo Geo or some MAME games). This is very similar to Xbox 360 or PS3/PS4 achievements or successes and you’re able to keep track of what you’ve unlocked from their website. The best thing about this: it’s a free service.


Batocera v30 introduced an updated look and feel for the RetroAchievements screen. You can select each game to have more details, including each RetroAchivement for each game, and you can even launch the game from this screen!

For the adventurous, you can enable the HARDCORE MODE to disable rewind and loading save states. Keep this in mind if you do turn it on if you want to utilize save states in the future!

RetroAchievements are only available on certain Libretro cores (and from v31 DuckStation). If you play a system that has both standalone and Libretro cores, make sure you select the compatible emulator/core. Not all Libretro cores are compatible with RetroAchievements. To see whether or not you can use RetroAchievements for a particular game, hold South button (B SNES) (in v30 and prior, press North button (X SNES)) and look at the top of the per-game settings. Batocera tells you what core is currently configured, and which one is compatible with achievements (if there is one).

Also, achievements can depend on the ROM format you are using. For example, for Playstation 1, make sure you are using CUE+BIN or CHD format as they're the only formats supported with RetroAchievements, and not the PBP format (may change in the future).

Finally, if you want to compete with fellow Batocera users, you can find a list of Batocera RetroAchievements players on this page from the web site.

Go to the Discord channel and ask moderators to be added to the list!

If you add a custom system, for example MSU1, and you know that some games support RetroAchievements, by default the RetroAchievements will NOT be unlockable. This is because your custom system is not referenced by Batocera as available for RetroAchievements. If you have Batocera v32 or later, you can add a manual *.cheevos_force option to batocera.conf.

For example, setting msu1.cheevos_force=true in batocera.conf enables that custom system to have RetroAchievements.

This can also be used for games on systemss that say they support achievements in EmulationStation but don't actually login when launched. For example, if this is what you can see in EmulationStation when going into a game's achievements:

Screenshot showing the achievements in ES.

but when in game going to the quick menu's achievements section:

Screenshot showing the achievements menu in RetroArch saying "No achievements to Display."

Then adding n64.cheevos_force=true to batocera.conf would fix it. If this is the case, let the devs in the Discord server know, as this is usually an easy fix.

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