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Batocera 5.23 and up supports .mp3 and .ogg files. Batocera 5.26 and up supports .wav, .flac (stereo) and some popular chiptune mod tracker formats (.mod, .xm, .s3m, .stm, .far, .mtm, .669, .it).

From Batocera 5.26 and up, you can skip a song by pushing in the left stick [L3], or from the Quick Access shortcut menu. While on the system list, press [SELECT] button on your controller to open the Quick Access menu, then SKIP TO NEXT SONG.

The Quick Access menu.

You can place your custom music in /userdata/music/, upon which your custom music will be randomly cycled through in EmulationStation. This will disable the default music from being cycled in, but you can always find them at /usr/share/batocera/music/ (online equivalent) if you'd like to copy them back in.

Music included with older versions of Batocera can be found at the Batocera assets repository.

Some users like to have different songs played back when browsing different gaming systems. For example, they like to listen to some Sega-oriented themes while they are browsing their Megadrive library, and Nintendo-inspired songs when browsing their SNES games.

In order to do this on Batocera, you can create subfolders in your /userdata/music/ directory to match up with the systems recognized by your theme. If using the default theme, you can identify what the folder names should be based on the system's logo's filename at https://github.com/fabricecaruso/es-theme-carbon/tree/master/art/logos. For example, the Wonderswan system at https://github.com/fabricecaruso/es-theme-carbon/blob/master/art/logos/wonderswan.svg ends with wonderswan.svg, so the folder structure for that would look like:


Most systems share their subfolder name with their system shortname, but there are exceptions (such as the above example).

If you enable ONLY PLAY SYSTEM-SPECIFIC MUSIC FOLDER, you will only get a random selection of the songs located in /userdata/music/megadrive/ when you browse your Megadrive games, but none from your SNES subfolder. This is useful for if you have a fully fleshed-out song-list for all of your systems.

The song files that are present in /userdata/music/ will be picked up randomly for any system (whether you have system-specific songs or not).

If you disable ONLY PLAY SYSTEM-SPECIFIC MUSIC FOLDER, Batocera will randomly pick a song in your /userdata/music/ directory and any of its sub-folders to play.

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