Contributing to Batocera.linux

This page is, currently, far from being perfect, we recommend anyone who wishes to contribute to batocera to join the Discord server if there is any question or error here.

Batocera is an open-source software, it's source code can be found at, in order to contribute to the code, you can make a Pull Request with the changes you made to the OS.

There are multiple steps to make a pull request, the first one is to fork batocera, then to clone that fork locally, to make the changes locally, test them, and once it is done, to create a local branch on your fork, push your changes to it, then ask for a pull request containing those changes.

We will need to use git for this.

To make a Pull Request, you first need to make a fork of batocera.linux :

  1. Login to your github account
  2. Click on the Fork button on the right

This will create a fork at where YOURNAME is your github username.

You have to clone this fork locally, the easiest way is to open a command line and type git clone where YOURNAME is your github username.

You then need to go into the created folder (which should be batocera.linux), once inside, you will need to tell it this is a fork of using the following commands :

  • git remote add upstream
  • git remote set-url upstream

Finally, you have to tell it the URL of your own fork itself using :

  • git remote set-url origin where YOURNAME is your github username.

You then need to make a local branch using git checkout -b Name-of-the-branch , once this is done, you have to commit your changes to it using git commit.

Once all of this is done, you have to send them to your fork using the git push –set-upstream Name-of-the-brnch

You can now go into your github fork link, and click on Pull Request, this will let you ask to merge the changes into the main repository.

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