Advanced RetroArch Settings

Change the file batocera.conf and add the following keys if needed.

RetroAchievements is a website to log your achievements on several console games. It's built into RetroArch and is only supported by a selection of cores. You first need a valid account there and then add your credentials inside the configuration file. Get more detailed information from the RetroAchievements Settings page.

## Enable retroarchievements (0,1)
## Set your username/password
## Escape your special chars (# ; $) with a backslash : $ => \$
## Show badges in Retroarch cheevos list and color them when they're win like on the web site

The following section enables an automatic translation of in-game dialogs in your language. So it's possible to play Japanese game titles without hassle.

## Enable RetroArch AI game translation service

Auto apply cheats selected by the user, without this option there are some problem to make them working fine.

## Auto apply cheats selected by the user

Take a screenshot of the savestate. When you have so many savestate and don't remember what there are … now on Linux/Windows/Mac you can see a screenshot of each savestate.

## Take a screenshot of the savestate

Hide the welcome message in Retroarch when you open menu with hot key + start. Having to wait for 3 secs before the message goes away is really boring.

## Hide the welcome message in Retroarch

Allow any RetroPad to control the menu. This changes nothing in 1 player mode, but it's a dream when you have friends who don't know the emulators or young children … Only Player 1 (YOU) can use RetroArch options like savestate, change slot, rewind, etc. A much better gaming experience.

## Allow any RetroPad to control the menu (Only the player 1)

Swap the OK and CANCEL buttons on Retroarch menu. Many users have SNES gamepads and in EmulationStation, B is OK and A is NO. And in RetroArch, buttons are inverted, and not really convenient.

## Swap the Ok and the CANCEL button on Retroarch menu

Enable OSD (on-screen display) messages. Retroarch shows users some important messages, like Savestate, Screenshot, RetroAchievements, etc. They look beautiful on badges. But sometimes, it shows other less important messages, like your name when you connect to RetroAchievements. Those messages look like crappy yellow text lines, not like the badges. This options hide these messages but not the badges.

## Enable usage of OSD messages (Text messages not in badge)
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