Ban Appeal Process

Users may be banned from Batocera's official social platforms for violating the rules posted on that platform. Each platform has specific wording of the rules but they are generally the following:

  1. No sharing or asking for copyrighted materials. This include ROMs, BIOS files and basically anything copyrighted.
  2. Be excellent to each other. No racism, sexism, homophobia, insults, etc.
  3. No offensive, pornographic or political content. We are here to discuss retro-gaming and the Batocera operating system.

There may be additional rules depending on the exact platform, and all of these stack on top of the ordinary rules that the platform itself enforces (such as no spamming, phishing, harassment, cyber-crime, etc.). Be sure to read them.

As the internet matures so to do the bots and phishing attempts. If you were a victim of a phishing attempt, your best recommended course of action is to create new accounts such that all your old information becomes irrelevant.

But there may be users who regain control of their account and wish to appeal a ban received because of the actions of the phisher.

The process for appealing a ban is explained in this forum post and the tag to post your appeal is in this primary tag on the forum.

Users asking for an appeal after being banned twice will not likely get another appeal.

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