Lightgun Games

Some arcade games playable with a (fake) gun. Playing them without a gun really reduces the game interest and fun … There is a solution for this on Batocera: use a DolphinBar.

A DolphinBar is a wireless sensor that can connect a Wii remote controller to your Batocera by Bluetooth. It's easier to use than an extra Bluetooth dongle for pairing, and it provides the IR signal to make your Wiimote work. It also includes an anti-shake function when you emulate a mouse for Arcade shooting games. The best one is the Mayflash Bar, not that expensive (about 20€/$20) and easy to use.

Due to problems of the IR LEDs burning out from staying on too long, the v5 firmware released in late 2015 turns off the DolphinBar's IR LED lights when they are not needed, such as when no Wiimotes are connected or when the DolphinBar is in a mode where the pointer cannot be used. But unlike the old problematic sensor bars that turned off after a set time, the DolphinBar knows when the wiimote is being used, so it presents no problems. To anyone who hasn't updated their DolphinBars to a version with this feature, we definitely recommend that they do so.


To do this, we will use either MODE 1 or MODE 2 on the bar, the two specific shooting modes when the Dolphinbar emulates a mouse.

Mode 1
  • You can connect Wiimote without Nunchuk
  • There are two mode, Led 1+2 or Led 1+3
  • You can switch mode with Home+Down
Trigger = joystick_button[0,left]
A = joystick_button[0,right]
Home = keyboard[0,lwin]
plus = ?
minus = ?
1 = pgup
2 = pgdn
Mode 2
  • You can connect Wiimote with Nunchuk
  • The Led used are 1+4
  • Nunchuk add you more buttons to play and configure in game.
Trigger = joystick_button[0,1]
A = joystick_button[0,2]
Home = keyboard[0,lwin]
plus = enter
minus = esc
1 = ?
2 = ?

If you choose this mode, Minus Key will not be usable to play, because it's the ESC key, and will close the emulator.


It's really easy:

  • Connect your DolphinBar with USB to your computer
  • Press the right button to choose MODE 1 or MODE 2
  • Press the left button to launch pairing
  • Press the buttons 1 and 2 on your Wiimote
  • The bar led stops flashing and on the Wiimote led 1 and 2 or 1 and 4 are now fixed on

You are ready to play, nothing more to do.

You need two Dolphinbars to play 2 player Lightgun games because only one Wiimote will sync when set to the Mouse and Keyboard Mode. Just put one bar on top and one bar below the TV and switch the button on the MayFlash bar.

Emulators Configuration

The DolphinBar emulates a Mouse and a Keyboard as a PC Remote Controller. There is a fundamental problem with mouse emulation on a DolphinBar: jitter. It doesn't matter how far or close to the sensor bar you are, the cursor is always shaking, and there is no method to solve it. But the Mayflash make a really good work to reduce this problem.


On arcade games, the jitter is tiny and doesn't really interfere with the gameplay.

At start only the movement and the first shot button are configured. If you want to use the Second Shot, you must open the Libretro menu with SELECT+B, go to options, and them ENABLE to Show MAME Menu. Then you will be able to use it to configure another Wiimote button in second shot.

You can also try to configure other buttons to Insert Coin and game Start.

If you can't configure all the keys on your Wiimote, remember the first gamepad is always available. You can use it to move in game menu, insert coins, game start… and still access Libretro menu with SELECT+B


To use it on this emulator, open the Libretro menu and verify these settings:


  • Zapper Mode: mouse
  • Show Cross Air: True


  • User 1 Device Type: Auto

The jitter is more important on FCEUMM than MAME. You can see the cross always shaking, but it's still playable.

FIXME If you choose for Zapper Mode to Lightgun the jitter will disappear, it's really impressive, but it will be impossible to shot with any Wiimote button.


To show Cross Air go to Libretro menu:


  • User 2 Device Type: SuperScope

FIXME But it will be impossible to shot with any Wiimote button.

GENESISPLUSGX (Master System / Megadrive)

To show Cross Air go to Libretro menu:


  • Show Lightgun crossair: true


  • User 1 Device Type: MS Light Phaser

FIXME But it will be impossible to shot with any Wiimote button.

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