Current/Previous/Beta Releases

Most of the time you have two versions of the Batocera distribution available:

  • Stable: most stable version, recommended for most users.
  • Beta: bleeding-edge version, sometimes alpha or pre-alpha internal build. Stability is usually not an issue, but particular things can often be broken in this version.

From v5.27 onwards, you can switch what branch you're on by going to Main Menu > Updates & Downloads > Update Type.

You can also do the same by editing the appropriate line in /userdata/system/batocera.conf/:


Upon reboot, you'll be able to update your Batocera to the latest version of the type you've selected.

If you are on Batocera 5.25 or later, you can also check the latest version available from the command line with:


And if you want to check on the latest beta version, with its build date, you can type:

batocera-check-update beta

To update to that checked version, use:


If you ever want to upgrade to a specific version, or the current checker is broken for whatever reason, you can use batocera-upgrade [url of the build folder containing the version you want]. For example:


Alternatively, you can also upgrade manually.

Sometimes a build for a particular device will stay on an older version of Batocera, this might be due to severe bugs affecting only that build for that device that couldn't be resolved in time for the major release. These are usually fixed by the next version.

All the previous stable Batocera releases are kept and available for download from the following URLs. They are ordered by dates of releases:

Device URL
PC 64-bit (most current computers)
PC 32-bit (older computers)
Raspberry Pi Zero and 1 (A/A+/B/B+, GPi case)
Raspberry Pi 2
Raspberry Pi 3 (A+/B/B+)
Raspberry Pi 4 and Pi 400 64-bit
Raspberry Pi 4 32-bit
Odroid XU4
Odroid C2
Odroid C4
Odroid N2 and N2+
Odroid Go Advance and variants
s905 and variants
s905gen3 and variants
Rockpro 64
Khadas Vim3
Libretech H5

For beta and pre-release versions, only x86_64 and RPi3 builds are generated on a regular basis (they're the most commonly used architectures). You can ask to have a beta build for another architecture on our Discord server.

Beta versions can be downloaded from:

You can use the internal upgrade URLs that Batocera uses instead. Just replace with . This server only has the current and beta releases, however.

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