Add games/BIOS files to Batocera

Batocera will only show the systems for which ROMs are installed for. As more ROMs are added for different systems, more systems will be shown. To update the game list, press [START] and go to GAME SETTINGSUPDATE GAMELISTS.

Batocera is shipped with a selection of free ROMs - games that are freely available and that can be legally distributed. You can also install additional free games from the Content Downloader. All artwork is pre-scraped for use with themes, including video previews. These can be used to test that everything is working correctly. If you'd like to add your own ROMs and BIOS files, read on.

If you've got a large set of ROMs and would like to cut down on duplicates/languages you don't need, you can use external tools such as Romulus alongside unexpectedpanda's retool utility. For arcade games specifically, it's recommended to first read the dedicated arcade guide first. Then, a tool such as Voljega's BestArcade can be used to create a curated set.

If you've already copied your ROMs over to Batocera and would like to cut down in a simpler manner, you can use tools that can be run inside of Batocera such as andrebrait's 1g1r-romset-generator instead. Just follow the instructions from its Getting Started guide, installing the script to a folder in Batocera's network share and running the commands via SSH.

If you are coming from Retrobat, there is a community script that can automate the process. Most folders are identical between the projects, though.

It's helpful to become familiar with how Batocera has its partitions laid out first to better understand what you're accessing and where they are located.

Batocera uses two main partitions: the boot partition and the userdata partition.

The boot partition is what appears as the FAT32 partition when you plug the drive into another system (this will be the only visible partition to Windows by default). This is where Batocera contains all the files necessary to boot Batocera on your device. While Batocera is running, it is mounted to the /boot/ folder, but its original location is simply / on the FAT32 partition. It is not usually necessary to edit this partition (except for editing a few settings in the batocera-boot.conf file if required).

The userdata partition contains “the rest”, all the ROMs, BIOS files, saves, configuration (including batocera.conf), etc. This is referred to as either userdata or share interchangeably (in reference to it being the default path the network share points to), they both mean one and the same thing. This is designed to be portable between all versions of Batocera, even Batocera builds running on different platforms (granted, weaker platforms like SBCs won't magically gain the ability to play ROMs for emulators they don't have). Refer to the attached image below:

The layout of the Batocera drive, as described above.

You are free to use a variety of filesystems for the userdata partition. The best filesystem to use depends on your situation and what capabilities you need/restrictions you can deal with. The boot partition should not be reformatted to a different filesystem (your particular platform may depend on it).

Here are the options available for the userdata partition:

  • ext4 is the default userdata partition filesystem. If you own other Linux systems, you're probably already comfortable with it as they have access built-in. No major restrictions, except this cannot be read directly by Windows by default, though it is still possible to add files to this file system from Windows using a special program/drivers. This issue can be worked around if you have network access.
  • btrfs is a newer option. If you have Windows machines, Batocera comes with the btrfs_for_windows driver on the boot partition to allow Windows machines to read a BTRFS userdata partition. This issue can be worked around if you have network access. No restriction when using BTRFS, except you can't read it natively with MacOS. Performs slightly slower than ext4, but is better at protecting corruption from files such as during a power cut mid-transfer.
  • NTFS is an OK option - Windows, MacOS and most Linux distributions can directly read NTFS just fine. Sophisticated systems (such as WINE for Windows applications, Steam, Cemu for Wii U, Future Pinball, Flatpak, etc.) may have issues when using this due to certain file attributes not being properly stored and no compatibility with symlinks when being read by Linux. Has no real file size restrictions (that you'd feasibly run into).
  • FAT32 and extFAT are outdated filesystems. Yes, they are well supported under most OS's (you bet, those filesystems are over forty years old!) but they have restrictions in terms of maximum file size (FAT32 cannot store files larger than 4GB, which most 6th gen and above console ROMs exceed) and the ability to support the exec bit required to run certain Linux applications. It will also limit the use of certain emulators and systems that rely on features like symbolic links or special character filename handling, neither of which are possible with FAT32 or exFAT. Amiga or Wine/Windows are popular systems that won't work well with these filesystems. However, these systems involve the least amount of writes when creating files, therefore would increase the longevity of short-lifespan storage such as USB flash drives. Although this becomes less an issue as flash storage lifespan improves over time of manufacture.

To summarize in a table:

Filesystem Writable by Linux OSes? Writable by Windows? Writable by MacOS? Issues with emulators File size restrictions Notes
ext4 Yes Not by default No None None you'd feasibly reach Some protection against file corruption.
btrfs Yes Not by default No None None you'd feasibly reach More protection against file corruption, but slightly slower than ext4.
NTFS Yes Yes Not by default Some (any that rely on symlinks, special character/case-sensitive filenames or certain permission bits) None you'd feasibly reach Minimal protection against file corruption.
exFAT Yes Yes Yes Many (really, only 4th gen and below systems are guaranteed to still be functional) None you'd feasibly reach No protection against file corruption. Is however the best for USB flash storage, as it uses the least amount of writes (increasing longevity of the drive).
FAT32 Yes Yes Yes Many (really, only 4th gen and below systems are guaranteed to still be functional) 4GB (lower than DVD disc images) No protection against file corruption. Not recommended under any circumstances, exFAT is superior in every way.

You can reformat an external drive to ext4, BTRFS or exFAT using Batocera's built-in formatting tools. Go to SYSTEM SETTINGSDEVELOPERFORMAT A DISK. Of course, when you format a partition, you lose everything that was on it. So, backup your userdata (ROMs, saves, etc.) before doing this!

If you're handy with formatting partitions, you can always format the partitions yourself and manually install Batocera.

If you'd like to add your own ROMs and BIOS files, you must first gain a way to access Batocera's drives. Once access is gained, refer to the BIOS and ROM sections below.

Batocera accommodates for multiple ways to access its drives:

This requires Batocera to be up and running first.

  • On x86 and x86_64 platforms, open the built-in file manager ([F1] on the system list) or OD-Commander and transfer the data using the Batocera machine itself. eg. put all your ROMs onto a USB drive, plug it into the Batocera machine while it's running and copy them over. You can also use the SSH commands (specifically Midnight Commander: mc) if you're familiar with that.
    Screenshot of PCmanFM. Spartan, but it works.
  • Add them from a different computer while Batocera is running, through the network share. To connect:
    1. Open your file explorer of choice and find its “Network” section.
    2. Find the BATOCERA share. If it's not appearing, directly type \\BATOCERA (under Windows or MacOS) or smb://BATOCERA.local (under Linux) in the address bar to directly navigate to it. If your router doesn't support hostnames properly (many old routers do not), type in the IP address of the Batocera machine instead of the hostname (for example, \\ You can find Batocera's IP address under MAIN MENUNETWORK SETTINGSIP ADDRESS.
      Screenshot showing BATOCERA showing up in the Network section of File Explorer on Windows.

      If you are having trouble access the network share, be sure to check out the network section on the troubleshooting page!

      In case BATOCERA is not appearing on the “Network” section, but you can still access it via its hostname, it's possible to map that hostname to a drive:

      • On Windows:
        1. Navigate to \\BATOCERA (in case the host name is not working and you'd still like to use this method, you can just enter the IP address here, but you'd also need to assign Batocera a static IP address from your router, which is outside of the scope of this guide)
        2. Right click on Batocera's “share” share
        3. Select Map Network Drive…
        4. Select a letter for the drive and confirm with Finish
        5. The drive mapped to Batocera's userdata will now be available in This Computer
      • On Linux:
        1. FIXME (just search up “fstab” for your OS)
  • Use WinSCP to transfer from another computer to the Batocera machine via SSH/SFTP.
    Screenshot showing WinSCP at the default /userdata directory.
  • As an alternative to the built-in file manager, Midnight Commander can be used in an SSH terminal to copy files. To use it, sign in via SSH and run mc.

    Todo: add screenshot of MC

    • If you know your way around SSH/terminal, the cp and mv commands can also be used directly.

This is by plugging the Batocera drive into another machine, and copying your files from there directly onto the userdata partition.

  • Directly copy the ROM/BIOS files onto the userdata partition on a computer that can natively write to ext4 filesystems (any OS that supports the ext4 filesystem should work).

    If you are using Windows, its WSL 2 feature allows for the mounting of ext4 filesystems:

    1. Open a PowerShell window with administrator privileges
    2. List all currently available disks to mount by typing in wmic diskdrive list brief and pressing [Enter]
    3. Then type wsl --mount <DiskPath> (where <DiskPath> is replaced with the intended disk) and press [Enter] again
    4. The partition will now appear in the sidebar of file explorer under the “Linux” group (or alternatively manually navigate to \wsl$)
    5. To unmount the disk, type wsl --unmount <Diskpath>

    For a simpler solution, you can use Disk Genius to read and write to ext4 partitions. The free trial only allows “small” files to be copied over.

    Alternatively, an ext4 system driver can be installed from one of the modules at this French page.

  • Format your userdata partition to an older filesystem compatible with more OS's, such as NTFS or exFAT, and copy the files directly to it. This is not recommended, as those filesystems have limitations, read above.
  • In Batocera 5.26 and higher, format your userdata partition to BTRFS and transfer directly to it.

    On Windows, you can install the btrfs_for_windows driver from the tools/ folder on the Batocera drive. Check its readme on how to install it.

Alternatively, you can skip having to access Batocera's internal drive all together by instead commanding Batocera to use an external storage.

BIOS files are files required for some emulators to operate correctly. For example, some of the PlayStation and the NeoGeo games require a BIOS file to work.


All of these go into the /userdata/bios/ folder.

BIOS files are copyrighted and are therefore not included with Batocera. We can not legally distribute them, so you will need to supply your own.

What about arcade games? For arcade emulators, it's a little more complicated: many arcade boards were designed for one specific game, or just a few games. And most cases, you don't need BIOS files, but you might still need some specific additional files as described on this page. For other arcade systems, like Atomiswave or Naomi, they need a proper BIOS file, as listed below.

You can use the md5sum command to get the checksum of your files. But the easiest way is to check MISSING BIOS from the SYSTEM SETTINGS menu, it will show you the required path and md5sum of every BIOS file needed for each system. This is always up to date with your current version.

You can find a text document of the BIOS files required by your system when connected via SSH at /usr/share/batocera/datainit/bios/readme.txt. Use more /usr/share/batocera/datainit/bios/readme.txt to quickly scroll through it ([Space] to scroll, [Q] to quit).

You can ask Batocera to check your still missing BIOS files with batocera-systems (takes a while to process, give it a minute or two).

You can find the current list of required and soon-to-be-implemented BIOS files directly on the Github repository.

Here a the compatible md5 and filenames per system, last updated Batocera v33:

Click to expand the list.
    # ---------- Atari ---------- #
    "atari5200": { "name": "Atari 5200 / Atari 800", "biosFiles": [ { "md5": "281f20ea4320404ec820fb7ec0693b38", "file": "bios/5200.rom"    },
                                                                    { "md5": "06daac977823773a3eea3422fd26a703", "file": "bios/ATARIXL.ROM" },
                                                                    { "md5": "0bac0c6a50104045d902df4503a4c30b", "file": "bios/ATARIBAS.ROM"},
                                                                    { "md5": "eb1f32f5d9f382db1bbfb8d7f9cb343a", "file": "bios/ATARIOSA.ROM"},
                                                                    { "md5": "a3e8d617c95d08031fe1b20d541434b2", "file": "bios/ATARIOSB.ROM"} ] },

    "atarist": { "name": "Atari ST", "biosFiles": [ { "md5": "c1c57ce48e8ee4135885cee9e63a68a2", "file": "bios/tos.img"}, # TOS 1.02 US
						    # Atari ST / STf / STfm
						    { "md5": "25789a649faff0a1176dc7d9b98105c0", "file": "bios/tos100fr.img"},
						    { "md5": "c87a52c277f7952b41c639fc7bf0a43b", "file": "bios/tos100uk.img"},
						    { "md5": "d0f682ee6237497004339fb02172638b", "file": "bios/tos100us.img"},

						    { "md5": "a622cc35d8d78703905592dfaa4d2ccb", "file": "bios/tos102de.img"},
						    { "md5": "d6521785627d20c51edc566808a6bf28", "file": "bios/tos102fr.img"},
						    { "md5": "b2a8570de2e850c5acf81cb80512d9f6", "file": "bios/tos102uk.img"},
						    #{ "md5": "c1c57ce48e8ee4135885cee9e63a68a2", "file": "bios/tos102us.img"},

						    { "md5": "41b7dae4e24735f330b63ad923a0bfbc", "file": "bios/tos104de.img"},
						    { "md5": "143343f7b8e0b1162af206fe8f46b002", "file": "bios/tos104es.img"},
						    { "md5": "0087e2707c57efa2106a0aa7576655c0", "file": "bios/tos104fr.img"},
						    #{ "md5": "52248cc70ae48b3050e197e270917130", "file": "bios/tos104nl.img"},
						    #{ "md5": "7c040857bdcfcd7d748ca82205463efa", "file": "bios/tos104se.img"},
						    { "md5": "036c5ae4f885cbf62c9bed651c6c58a8", "file": "bios/tos104uk.img"},
						    { "md5": "736adb2dc835df4d323191fdc8926cc9", "file": "bios/tos104us.img"},

						    # Atari STe
						    { "md5": "992bac38e01633a529121a2a65f0779e", "file": "bios/tos106de.img"},
						    { "md5": "30f69d70fe7c210300ed83f991b12de9", "file": "bios/tos106es.img"},
						    { "md5": "bc7b224d0dc3f0cc14c8897db89c5787", "file": "bios/tos106fr.img"},
						    { "md5": "6033f2b9364edfed321c6931a8181fd2", "file": "bios/tos106uk.img"},
						    { "md5": "a0982e760f9807d82667ff5a69e78f6b", "file": "bios/tos106us.img"},

						    { "md5": "94a75c1c65408d9f974b0463e15a3b11", "file": "bios/tos162de.img"},
						    { "md5": "ed5fbaabe0219092df74c6c14cea3f8e", "file": "bios/tos162fr.img"},
						    #{ "md5": "6f9471098a521214fad1e2c6f2dd3d08", "file": "bios/tos162se.img"},
						    { "md5": "1cbc4f55295e469fc8cd72b7efdea1da", "file": "bios/tos162uk.img"},
						    { "md5": "febb00ba8784798293a7ae709a1dafcb", "file": "bios/tos162us.img"},

						    # Atari Mega STe
						    { "md5": "7aeabdc25f8134590e25643a405210ca", "file": "bios/tos205de.img"},
						    { "md5": "7449b131681f1dfe62ebed1392847057", "file": "bios/tos205es.img"},
						    { "md5": "61b620ad951815a25cb37895c81a947c", "file": "bios/tos205fr.img"},
						    { "md5": "7e87d8fe7e24e0b4c55ad1b7955beae3", "file": "bios/tos205it.img"},
						    #{ "md5": "1c92855316a33faee602b8007f22d2cb", "file": "bios/tos205se.img"},
						    { "md5": "7cdd45b6aac66a21bfb357d9334e46db", "file": "bios/tos205us.img"},

						    { "md5": "0604dbb85928f0598d04144a8b554bbe", "file": "bios/tos206de.img"},
						    { "md5": "b2873004a408b8db36321f98daafa251", "file": "bios/tos206fr.img"},
						    { "md5": "4a0d4f282c3f2a0196681adf88862dd4", "file": "bios/tos206.img"},
						    #{ "md5": "332fe3803a7e20cd625b27a69f07ae69", "file": "bios/tos206ru.img"},
						    #{ "md5": "a7dc40dc5c1086bce1a8f3d44fd29051", "file": "bios/tos206se.img"},
						    { "md5": "e690bec90d902024beed549d22150755", "file": "bios/tos206uk.img"},
						    { "md5": "c9093f27159e7d13ac0d1501a95e53d4", "file": "bios/tos206us.img"},

						    # Atari TT
						    { "md5": "066f39a7ea5789d5afd59dd7b3104fa6", "file": "bios/tos306de.img"},
						    { "md5": "dd1010ec566efbd71047d6c4919feba5", "file": "bios/tos306uk.img"},

						    # Atari Falcon
						    { "md5": "ed2647936ce4bd283c4d7dfd7ae09d1c", "file": "bios/tos400.img"},
						    { "md5": "9e880168d0a004f7f5e852be758f39e4", "file": "bios/tos402.img"},
						    { "md5": "e5ea0f216fb446f1c4a4f476bc5f03d4", "file": "bios/tos404.img"} ] },

    "lynx": { "name": "Lynx", "biosFiles": [ { "md5": "fcd403db69f54290b51035d82f835e7b", "file": "bios/lynxboot.img"} ] },

    # ---------- Magnavox and Philips ---------- #
    "o2em": { "name": "Odyssey 2", "biosFiles": [ { "md5": "562d5ebf9e030a40d6fabfc2f33139fd", "file": "bios/o2rom.bin" },
                                                  { "md5": "f1071cdb0b6b10dde94d3bc8a6146387", "file": "bios/c52.bin"   },
                                                  { "md5": "c500ff71236068e0dc0d0603d265ae76", "file": "bios/g7400.bin" },
                                                  { "md5": "279008e4a0db2dc5f1c048853b033828", "file": "bios/jopac.bin" } ] },

    # ---------- Mattel ---------- #
    "intellivision": { "name": "Mattel Intellivision", "biosFiles": [   { "md5": "62e761035cb657903761800f4437b8af", "file": "bios/exec.bin"   },
                                                                        { "md5": "0cd5946c6473e42e8e4c2137785e427f", "file": "bios/grom.bin"   } ] },

    # ---------- NEC ---------- #
    "pcengine":   { "name": "PC Engine", "biosFiles":  [ { "md5": "38179df8f4ac870017db21ebcbf53114", "file": "bios/syscard3.pce" } ] },

    "pcfx":       { "name": "PC-FX", "biosFiles":      [ { "md5": "08e36edbea28a017f79f8d4f7ff9b6d7", "file": "bios/pcfx.rom"     } ] },

    "supergrafx": { "name": "Supergrafx", "biosFiles": [ { "md5": "38179df8f4ac870017db21ebcbf53114", "file": "bios/syscard3.pce" } ] },

    # ---------- SNK ----------#
    "neogeo":   { "name": "NeoGeo", "biosFiles":    [  { "md5": "dffb72f116d36d025068b23970a4f6df", "file": "bios/" } ] },
    "neogeocd": { "name": "NeoGeo CD", "biosFiles": [  { "md5": "c733b4b7bd30fa849874d96c591c8639", "file": "bios/" } ] },

    # ---------- Sharp ---------- #
    "x68000": { "name": "Sharp x68000", "biosFiles": [  { "md5": "7fd4caabac1d9169e289f0f7bbf71d8e", "file": "bios/keropi/iplrom.dat" },
                                                        { "md5": "cb0a5cfcf7247a7eab74bb2716260269", "file": "bios/keropi/cgrom.dat"  } ] },

    # ---------- Panasonic, Sanyo and Goldstar ---------- #
    "3do":	{ "name": "3DO", "biosFiles": [ { "md5": "f47264dd47fe30f73ab3c010015c155b", "file": "bios/panafz1.bin"	},
                                            { "md5": "51f2f43ae2f3508a14d9f56597e2d3ce", "file": "bios/panafz10.bin"},
                                            { "md5": "8639fd5e549bd6238cfee79e3e749114", "file": "bios/goldstar.bin"} ] },

    # ---------- Sega ---------- #
    "dreamcast":    { "name": "Dreamcast", "biosFiles":   [ { "md5": "e10c53c2f8b90bab96ead2d368858623", "file": "bios/dc_boot.bin"  },
                                                            { "md5": "0a93f7940c455905bea6e392dfde92a4", "file": "bios/dc_flash.bin" } ] },

    "naomi":        { "name": "Naomi", "biosFiles":       [ { "md5": "eb4099aeb42ef089cfe94f8fe95e51f6", "file": "bios/"   } ] },

    "atomiswave":   { "name": "Atomiswave", "biosFiles":  [ { "md5": "0ec5ae5b5a5c4959fa8b43fcf8687f7c", "file": "bios/"  } ] },

    "segacd":       { "name": "Sega CD", "biosFiles":     [ { "md5": "e66fa1dc5820d254611fdcdba0662372", "file": "bios/bios_CD_E.bin"   },
                                                            { "md5": "854b9150240a198070150e4566ae1290", "file": "bios/bios_CD_U.bin" 	},
                                                            { "md5": "278a9397d192149e84e820ac621a8edd", "file": "bios/bios_CD_J.bin" 	} ] },

    "saturn":       { "name": "Sega Saturn", "biosFiles": [ { "md5": "85ec9ca47d8f6807718151cbcca8b964", "file": "bios/sega_101.bin"	 },
                                                            { "md5": "3240872c70984b6cbfda1586cab68dbe", "file": "bios/mpr-17933.bin"	 },
                                                            { "md5": "255113ba943c92a54facd25a10fd780c", "file": "bios/mpr-18811-mx.ic1" },
                                                            { "md5": "1cd19988d1d72a3e7caa0b73234c96b4", "file": "bios/mpr-19367-mx.ic1" },
                                                            { "md5": "af5828fdff51384f99b3c4926be27762", "file": "bios/saturn_bios.bin" } ] },

    # ---------- Sony Computer Entertainment ---------- #
    "psx": { "name": "PSX", "biosFiles": [  { "md5": "c53ca5908936d412331790f4426c6c33", "file": "bios/psxonpsp660.bin" },
                                            { "md5": "6e3735ff4c7dc899ee98981385f6f3d0", "file": "bios/scph101.bin"     },
                                            { "md5": "dc2b9bf8da62ec93e868cfd29f0d067d", "file": "bios/scph1001.bin"    },
                                            { "md5": "8dd7d5296a650fac7319bce665a6a53c", "file": "bios/scph5500.bin"    },
                                            { "md5": "490f666e1afb15b7362b406ed1cea246", "file": "bios/scph5501.bin"    },
                                            { "md5": "32736f17079d0b2b7024407c39bd3050", "file": "bios/scph5502.bin"    },
                                            { "md5": "1e68c231d0896b7eadcad1d7d8e76129", "file": "bios/scph7001.bin"    } ] },

    "ps2": { "name": "PS2", "biosFiles": [  { "md5": "28922c703cc7d2cf856f177f2985b3a9", "file": "bios/SCPH30004R.bin" },
                                            { "md5": "3faf7c064a4984f53e2ef5e80ed543bc", "file": "bios/SCPH30004R.MEC" },
                                            { "md5": "d5ce2c7d119f563ce04bc04dbc3a323e", "file": "bios/scph39001.bin"  },
                                            { "md5": "3faf7c064a4984f53e2ef5e80ed543bc", "file": "bios/scph39001.MEC"  },
                                            { "md5": "9a9e8ed7668e6adfc8f7766c08ab9cd0", "file": "bios/EROM.BIN" 	  },
                                            { "md5": "44552702b05697a14ccbe2ca22ee7139", "file": "bios/rom1.bin" 	  },
                                            { "md5": "b406d05922dac2eaf3c2e68157b1b468", "file": "bios/ROM2.BIN" 	  } ] },

    "ps3": { "name": "PS3", "biosFiles": [  { "md5": "a0b63a3e4ae92ed176d6b9a67ce447f0", "file": "bios/PS3UPDAT.PUP" } ] },

    # ---------- Nintendo ---------- #
    "fds":         { "name": "Nintendo Family Computer Disk System", "biosFiles": [ { "md5": "ca30b50f880eb660a320674ed365ef7a", "file": "bios/disksys.rom" } ] },

    "nds": { "name": "Nintendo DS", "biosFiles": [  { "md5": "94bc5094607c5e6598d50472c52f27f2", "file": "bios/dsfirmware.bin" },
                                            { "md5": "df692a80a5b1bc90728bc3dfc76cd948", "file": "bios/biosnds7.bin" },
                                            { "md5": "a392174eb3e572fed6447e956bde4b25", "file": "bios/biosnds9.bin" },
                                            { "md5": "87b665fce118f76251271c3732532777", "file": "bios/biosdsi9.bin" },
                                            { "md5": "559dae4ea78eb9d67702c56c1d791e81", "file": "bios/biosdsi7.bin" },
                                            { "md5": "74f23348012d7b3e1cc216c47192ffeb", "file": "bios/dsifirmware.bin" },
                                            { "md5": "d71edf897ddd06bf335feeb68edeb272", "file": "bios/dsinand.bin" }, ] },

    "gba": { "name": "Nintendo Gameboy Advance", "biosFiles": [  { "md5": "a860e8c0b6d573d191e4ec7db1b1e4f6", "file": "bios/gba_bios.bin" },
                                            { "md5": "32fbbd84168d3482956eb3c5051637f5", "file": "bios/gb_bios.bin" }, # Optional
                                            { "md5": "dbfce9db9deaa2567f6a84fde55f9680", "file": "bios/gbc_bios.bin" }, # Optional
                                            { "md5": "d574d4f9c12f305074798f54c091a8b4", "file": "bios/sgb_bios.bin" } ] }, # Optional

    "satellaview": { "name": "Satellaview", "biosFiles": [ { "md5": "96cf17bf589fcbfa6f8de2dc84f19fa2", "file": "bios/BS-X.bin"   } ] },
    "sufami":      { "name": "Sufami", "biosFiles":      [ { "md5": "d3a44ba7d42a74d3ac58cb9c14c6a5ca", "file": "bios/STBIOS.bin" } ] },

    "sgb": { "name": "Super Game Boy", "biosFiles": [ { "md5": "d574d4f9c12f305074798f54c091a8b4", "file": "bios/sgb_boot.bin" },
                                            { "md5": "e0430bca9925fb9882148fd2dc2418c1", "file": "bios/sgb2_boot.bin" },
                                            { "md5": "b15ddb15721c657d82c5bab6db982ee9", "file": "bios/SGB1.sfc" },
                                            { "md5": "8ecd73eb4edf7ed7e81aef1be80031d5", "file": "bios/SGB2.sfc" } ] },
    # ---------- Microsoft ---------- #
    "msx": { "name": "MSX", "biosFiles": [  { "md5": "364a1a579fe5cb8dba54519bcfcdac0d", "file": "bios/MSX.ROM"      },
                                            { "md5": "ec3a01c91f24fbddcbcab0ad301bc9ef", "file": "bios/MSX2.ROM"     },
                                            { "md5": "2183c2aff17cf4297bdb496de78c2e8a", "file": "bios/MSX2EXT.ROM"  },
                                            { "md5": "847cc025ffae665487940ff2639540e5", "file": "bios/MSX2P.ROM"    },
                                            { "md5": "7c8243c71d8f143b2531f01afa6a05dc", "file": "bios/MSX2PEXT.ROM" } ] },

    "xbox": { "name": "Xbox", "biosFiles": [{ "md5": "d49c52a4102f6df7bcf8d0617ac475ed", "file": "bios/mcpx_1.0.bin" },
                                            { "md5": "39cee882148a87f93cb440b99dde3ceb", "file": "bios/Complex_4627.bin" }] },

    # ---------- Commodore ---------- #
    "amiga":  { "name": "Amiga",	"biosFiles":  [ { "md5": "85ad74194e87c08904327de1a9443b7a", "file": "bios/kick33180.A500"      },
                                                    { "md5": "82a21c1890cae844b3df741f2762d48d", "file": "bios/kick34005.A500"      },
                                                    { "md5": "dc10d7bdd1b6f450773dfb558477c230", "file": "bios/kick37175.A500"      },
                                                    { "md5": "89da1838a24460e4b93f4f0c5d92d48d", "file": "bios/kick34005.CDTV"      },
                                                    { "md5": "e40a5dfb3d017ba8779faba30cbd1c8e", "file": "bios/kick40063.A600"      },
                                                    { "md5": "b7cc148386aa631136f510cd29e42fc3", "file": "bios/kick39106.A1200"     },
                                                    { "md5": "646773759326fbac3b2311fd8c8793ee", "file": "bios/kick40068.A1200"     },
                                                    { "md5": "9bdedde6a4f33555b4a270c8ca53297d", "file": "bios/kick40068.A4000"     },
                                                    { "md5": "5f8924d013dd57a89cf349f4cdedc6b1", "file": "bios/kick40060.CD32"      },
                                                    { "md5": "bb72565701b1b6faece07d68ea5da639", "file": "bios/kick40060.CD32.ext"  },
                                                    { "md5": "82a21c1890cae844b3df741f2762d48d", "file": "bios/amiga-os-130.rom"        },
                                                    { "md5": "646773759326fbac3b2311fd8c8793ee", "file": "bios/amiga-os-310-a1200.rom"  },
                                                    { "md5": "dc10d7bdd1b6f450773dfb558477c230", "file": "bios/amiga-os-204.rom"        },
                                                    { "md5": "465646c9b6729f77eea5314d1f057951", "file": "bios/amiga-os-205.rom"        },
                                                    { "md5": "413590e50098a056cfec418d3df0212d", "file": "bios/amiga-os-310-a3000.rom"  },
                                                    { "md5": "730888fb1bd9a3606d51f772ed136528", "file": "bios/amiga-os-310.rom"        },
                                                    { "md5": "85ad74194e87c08904327de1a9443b7a", "file": "bios/amiga-os-120.rom"        },
                                                    { "md5": "5f8924d013dd57a89cf349f4cdedc6b1", "file": "bios/amiga-os-310-cd32.rom"   },
                                                    { "md5": "bb72565701b1b6faece07d68ea5da639", "file": "bios/amiga-ext-310-cd32.rom"  },
                                                    { "md5": "89da1838a24460e4b93f4f0c5d92d48d", "file": "bios/amiga-ext-130-cdtv.rom"  }] },

    # ---------- NEC PC-8800 ---------- #
    "pc88":       { "name": "NEC PC-8800", "biosFiles": [   { "md5": "4f984e04a99d56c4cfe36115415d6eb8", "file": "bios/quasi88/N88.ROM"     },
                                                            { "md5": "793f86784e5608352a5d7f03f03e0858", "file": "bios/quasi88/N88SUB.ROM"  },
                                                            { "md5": "2ff07b8769367321128e03924af668a0", "file": "bios/quasi88/N88N.ROM"    },
                                                            { "md5": "d675a2ca186c6efcd6277b835de4c7e5", "file": "bios/quasi88/N88EXT0.ROM" },
                                                            { "md5": "e844534dfe5744b381444dbe61ef1b66", "file": "bios/quasi88/N88EXT1.ROM" },
                                                            { "md5": "6548fa45061274dee1ea8ae1e9e93910", "file": "bios/quasi88/N88EXT2.ROM" },
                                                            { "md5": "fc4b76a402ba501e6ba6de4b3e8b4273", "file": "bios/quasi88/N88EXT3.ROM" } ] },

    # ---------- NEC PC-9800 ---------- #
    "pc98":       { "name": "NEC PC-9800", "biosFiles": [   { "md5": "e246140dec5124c5e404869a84caefce", "file": "bios/np2kai/BIOS.ROM" },
                                                            { "md5": "2af6179d7de4893ea0b705c00e9a98d6", "file": "bios/np2kai/FONT.ROM" },
                                                            { "md5": "caf90f22197aed6f14c471c21e64658d", "file": "bios/np2kai/SOUND.ROM"},
                                                            { "md5": "e9fc3890963b12cf15d0a2eea5815b72", "file": "bios/np2kai/ITF.ROM"  },
                                                            { "md5": "7da1e5b7c482d4108d22a5b09631d967", "file": "bios/np2kai/font.bmp" } ] },
    # ---------- Fairchild ChannelF ---------- #
    "channelf":  { "name": "Fairchild ChannelF", "biosFiles": [   { "md5": "ac9804d4c0e9d07e33472e3726ed15c3", "file": "bios/sl31253.bin" },
                                                                   { "md5": "da98f4bb3242ab80d76629021bb27585", "file": "bios/sl31254.bin" },
                                                                   { "md5": "95d339631d867c8f1d15a5f2ec26069d", "file": "bios/sl90025.bin" } ] },
    # ---------- Sharp X1 ---------- #
    "x1":  { "name": "Sharp X1", "biosFiles": [   { "md5": "eeeea1cd29c6e0e8b094790ae969bfa7", "file": "bios/xmil/IPLROM.X1" },
                                                  { "md5": "56c28adcf1f3a2f87cf3d57c378013f5", "file": "bios/xmil/iplrom.x1t" } ] },

    # ---------- Fujistu FM-Towns ---------- #
    "fmtowns":  { "name": "Fujistu FM-Towns", "biosFiles": [  { "md5": "8fa4e553f28cfc0c30a0a1e589799942", "file": "bios/fmtowns/FMT_DIC.ROM" },
							      { "md5": "0585b19930d4a7f4c71bcc8a33746588", "file": "bios/fmtowns/FMT_DOS.ROM" },
							      { "md5": "ac0c7021e9bf48ca84b51ab651169a88", "file": "bios/fmtowns/FMT_F20.ROM" },
							      { "md5": "b91300e55b70227ce98b59c5f02fa8dd", "file": "bios/fmtowns/FMT_FNT.ROM" },
							      { "md5": "86fb6f7280689259f0ca839dd3dd6cde", "file": "bios/fmtowns/FMT_SYS.ROM" } ] },

    # ---------- Future Pinball ---------- #
    "fpinball":   { "name": "Future Pinball", "biosFiles":  [ { "md5": "65a8ebf870420316a939ac44fd4c731d", "file": "bios/wsh57/scripten.exe"  } ] },

    # ---------- Super Cassette Vision ---------- #
    "scv":   { "name": "Super Cassette Vision", "biosFiles":  [ { "md5": "635a978fd40db9a18ee44eff449fc126", "file": "bios/upd7801g.s01"  } ] },

    # ---------- Apple 2 GS ---------- #
    "gsplus":   { "name": "Apple 2 GS", "biosFiles":  [ { "md5": "20a0334c447cb069a040ae5be1d938df", "file": "bios/ROM1"  } ] },

    # ---------- Zelda Classic ---------- #
    "zc210":   { "name": "Zelda Classic", "biosFiles":  [ { "md5": "033d7392985841027909c4c32b9f2076", "file": "bios/"  },
                                                  { "md5": "e0ba7a8634b12cfee4b6760a6f89051a", "file": "bios/zcsf.sf2" } ] },
    # ---------- Apple Mac ---------- #
    "macintosh":   { "name": "Apple Macintosh", "biosFiles":  [ { "md5": "66223be1497460f1e60885eeb35e03cc", "file": "bios/MacII.ROM"  },
                                                  { "md5": "2a8a4c7f2a38e0ab0771f59a9a0f1ee4", "file": "bios/MacIIx.ROM" },
                                                  { "md5": "", "file": "bios/" },
                                                  { "md5": "bc04a4252ee96826c1f41f927c145225", "zippedFile": "342-0220-a.u6d", "file": "bios/"},
                                                  { "md5": "409d8b9a04db15b7bfbbd5fcb931bf2e", "zippedFile": "342-0221-a.u8d", "file": "bios/"},
                                                  { "md5": "", "file": "bios/" },
                                                  { "md5": "9d09a9a51c9ef3ea5719e19db22e7901", "zippedFile": "ip8021h_2173.bin", "file": "bios/"},
                                                  { "md5": "", "file": "bios/" },
                                                  { "md5": "9d09a9a51c9ef3ea5719e19db22e7901", "zippedFile": "ip8021h_2173.bin", "file": "bios/"},
                                                  { "md5": "", "file": "bios/" },
                                                  { "md5": "b4118b89fa68a913a225f0cf9a751fae", "zippedFile": "342-0220-b.u6d", "file": "bios/"},
                                                  { "md5": "ab4e461833e98ef7106f24455a07769d", "zippedFile": "342-0221-b.u8d", "file": "bios/"},
                                                  { "md5": "", "file": "bios/" },
                                                  { "md5": "1467a42dee57ac265d063b3f351189fc", "zippedFile": "342-0341-a.u6d", "file": "bios/"},
                                                  { "md5": "25b1bf85b3b072d957499cef4d7e313f", "zippedFile": "342-0341-b.u6d", "file": "bios/"},
                                                  { "md5": "cf7c3259844245a8967556fa40d81243", "zippedFile": "342-0341-c.u6d", "file": "bios/"},
                                                  { "md5": "d5584762b43a9b1cb24a981f9b9b4198", "zippedFile": "342-0342-a.u8d", "file": "bios/"},
                                                  { "md5": "f83069fd7ff1fb011958f819cbff4c88", "zippedFile": "342-0342-b.u8d", "file": "bios/"},
                                                  { "md5": "875919e2544644cd628f44b5c11db036", "zippedFile": "modplus-harp2.bin", "file": "bios/"},
                                                  { "md5": "efcefe8f11c10541a503d48a07878201", "zippedFile": "rominator-20150225-hi.bin", "file": "bios/"},
                                                  { "md5": "f4b06da98500df0747a764dfbf1862b9", "zippedFile": "rominator-20150225-lo.bin", "file": "bios/"},
                                                  { "md5": "", "file": "bios/" },
                                                  { "md5": "9fb38bdcc0d53d9d380897ee53dc1322", "zippedFile": "macse.rom", "file": "bios/"},
                                                  { "md5": "", "file": "bios/" },
                                                  { "md5": "c229bb677cb41b84b780c9e38a09173e", "zippedFile": "341-0813__=c=1983-90_apple__japan__910d_d.27c4096_be.ue1", "file": "bios/"},
                                                  { "md5": "", "file": "bios/" },
                                                  { "md5": "2a8a4c7f2a38e0ab0771f59a9a0f1ee4", "zippedFile": "97221136.rom", "file": "bios/"},
                                                  { "md5": "", "file": "bios/" },
                                                  { "md5": "1bf16eefb23a1bea02f031f1ef1de528", "zippedFile": "3410801.bin", "file": "bios/"},
                                                  { "md5": "", "file": "bios/" },
                                                  { "md5": "2a8a4c7f2a38e0ab0771f59a9a0f1ee4", "zippedFile": "97221136.rom", "file": "bios/"},
                                                  { "md5": "", "file": "bios/" },
                                                  { "md5": "fa16d49527c4e6e9c0d9e46904133d39", "zippedFile": "ecbbc41c.rom", "file": "bios/"},
                                                  { "md5": "", "file": "bios/" },
                                                  { "md5": "9e8ea1552153c5e0f895e247e7d3ec1c", "zippedFile": "341-0332-a.bin", "file": "bios/"},
                                                  { "md5": "", "file": "bios/" },
                                                  { "md5": "93155ac7bad0fec36837252bb1e408f2", "zippedFile": "nb_fake.bin", "file": "bios/"},
                                                  { "md5": "", "file": "bios/" },
                                                  { "md5": "96665499f5cf2bb5b4aae6fdaf0a9fb5", "zippedFile": "341s0850.bin", "file": "bios/"},
                                                  { "md5": "b955ecbdf6d2f979f3683dd1d6884643", "zippedFile": "341s0851.bin", "file": "bios/"},
                                                  { "md5": "5035d321c5d5fa1eab5ce6bf986676e4", "zippedFile": "344s0100.bin", "file": "bios/"},
                                                  { "md5": "", "file": "bios/macos3.img" },
                                                  { "md5": "", "file": "bios/macos608.img" },
                                                  { "md5": "", "file": "bios/macos701.img" },
                                                  { "md5": "", "file": "bios/macos75.img" },
                                                  { "md5": "", "file": "bios/mac608.chd" },
                                                  { "md5": "", "file": "bios/mac701.chd" },
                                                  { "md5": "", "file": "bios/mac755.chd" } ] },

    # ---------- Tandy Color Conputer ---------- #
    "coco":   { "name": "Tandy Color Computer", "biosFiles":  [ { "md5": "", "file": "bios/"  },
                                                { "md5": "a74f3d95b395dad7cdca19d560eeea74", "zippedFile": "bas10.rom", "file": "bios/"} ] },

    # ---------- Tomy Tutor ---------- #
    "tutor":   { "name": "Tomy Tutor", "biosFiles":  [ { "md5": "", "file": "bios/"  },
                                                { "md5": "196ba41dd1184fe754390534cc273116", "zippedFile": "tutor1.bin", "file": "bios/"},
                                                { "md5": "5770834c10946ac2c3617504ba530884", "zippedFile": "tutor2.bin", "file": "bios/"} ] },

    # ---------- TI-99 ---------- #
    "ti99":   { "name": "Texas Instruments TI-99", "biosFiles":  [ { "md5": "", "file": "bios/"  },
                                                { "md5": "9bb51dfab49b9a7cf832cc1fb6f203e6", "zippedFile": "994a_grom0.u500", "file": "bios/"},
                                                { "md5": "7f1864c3dac31c86e2ae6ce43ccead07", "zippedFile": "994a_grom1.u501", "file": "bios/"},
                                                { "md5": "a1f77a07243a334e13509a89bff944f2", "zippedFile": "994a_grom2.u502", "file": "bios/"},
                                                { "md5": "6f495eef767b3f2821a2ec32d0047891", "zippedFile": "994a_rom_hb.u610", "file": "bios/"},
                                                { "md5": "0dcb961cf84c69b2171a565427c7c6c7", "zippedFile": "994a_rom_lb.u611", "file": "bios/"} ] },

    # ---------- Bally Astrocade ---------- #
    "astrocde":   { "name": "Bally Astrocade", "biosFiles":  [ { "md5": "", "file": "bios/"  },
                                                { "md5": "7d25a26e5c4841b364cfe6b1735eaf03", "zippedFile": "astro.bin", "file": "bios/"}, ] },

    # ---------- Game Master ---------- #
    "gmaster":   { "name": "Hartung Game Master", "biosFiles":  [ { "md5": "", "file": "bios/"  },
                                                { "md5": "6bff08b5e5f96de405cd56d5f04a08f8", "zippedFile": "d78c11agf_e19.u1", "file": "bios/"}, ] },

    # ---------- Coleco Adam ---------- #
    "adam":   { "name": "Coleco Adam", "biosFiles":  [ { "md5": "", "file": "bios/"  },
                                                { "md5": "01bba3bcd46d8a586dd6ec555accc133", "zippedFile": "alf @1 rev 57 e3d5.u8", "file": "bios/"},
                                                { "md5": "feabe33e8f2dab88da1458b4d27f3faa", "zippedFile": "alf @2 rev 57 ae6a.u20", "file": "bios/"},
                                                { "md5": "a720bc872a772ed471fac14e36ec8bcb", "zippedFile": "alf @3 rev 57 8534.u21", "file": "bios/"},
                                                { "md5": "cf10b154f2e006a9740d7653cfc47cab", "zippedFile": "eos 6 rev 57 08dd.u22", "file": "bios/"},
                                                { "md5": "7916bb9635d502366326ec39aea5fc89", "zippedFile": "master rev a 174b.u6", "file": "bios/"},
                                                { "md5": "2c66f5911e5b42b8ebe113403548eee7", "zippedFile": "os7.u2", "file": "bios/"},
                                                { "md5": "4fe4f6800076ea3d897d4285653447bd", "zippedFile": "wp_r80.rom", "file": "bios/"},                                                
                                                { "md5": "", "file": "bios/" },
                                                { "md5": "0423e9e9bf5036aa1e9d656b6a1f842c", "zippedFile": "tape rev a 8865.u24", "file": "bios/"},
                                                { "md5": "", "file": "bios/" },
                                                { "md5": "ae12d0b83832b059cb6cb43029bbfdb3", "zippedFile": "1440k micro innovations hd-dd.u10", "file": "bios/"},
                                                { "md5": "4c38a7df1e645c8d9f417bf7165c46d0", "zippedFile": "320ta.u10", "file": "bios/"},
                                                { "md5": "afea14c826f3cfbc89b76725a4a41951", "zippedFile": "a720dipi 7607 mmsg =c= 1988.u10", "file": "bios/"},
                                                { "md5": "976d2a7d85319d9104bc9ec176fbfa9c", "zippedFile": "adam disk u10 ad 31 rev a 09-27-84.u10", "file": "bios/"},
                                                { "md5": "29569dc029e95e48907b3c81d636987f", "zippedFile": "dbl2-4.u10", "file": "bios/"},
                                                { "md5": "a121855c20a638429bbfcf0448349515", "zippedFile": "doug.u10", "file": "bios/"},
                                                { "md5": "e05ababa16e2d5cb92b678cb6e6e2004", "zippedFile": "fastpack 720a,t.u10", "file": "bios/"},
                                                { "md5": "a1a2a353dea4b8769a2da733822abfdc", "zippedFile": "pmhdfdc.u10", "file": "bios/"},
                                                { "md5": "", "file": "bios/" },
                                                { "md5": "d81e0b2bb6b98999541c5f40b489e88f", "zippedFile": "keyboard.u2", "file": "bios/"},
                                                { "md5": "", "file": "bios/" },
                                                { "md5": "3cdf2fe48ac4224b56f26c03f6c68982", "zippedFile": "printer.u2", "file": "bios/"}, ] },

     # ---------- BBC Micro ---------- #
    "bbc":   { "name": "BBC Micro", "biosFiles":  [ { "md5": "", "file": "bios/"  },
                                                { "md5": "521a197d3623682825f1042c1350feb4", "zippedFile": "basic1.rom", "file": "bios/"},
                                                { "md5": "2cc67be4624df4dc66617742571a8e3d", "zippedFile": "basic2.rom", "file": "bios/"},
                                                { "md5": "0cad3d0cf0d111aca2b158b9b605913f", "zippedFile": "os01.rom", "file": "bios/"},
                                                { "md5": "46f920a170e88bab7faa96cf80b84324", "zippedFile": "os092.rom", "file": "bios/"},
                                                { "md5": "0199bac73f1dbca291582834a3e61122", "zippedFile": "os10.rom", "file": "bios/"},
                                                { "md5": "0a59a5ba15fe8557b5f7fee32bbd393a", "zippedFile": "os12.rom", "file": "bios/"},
                                                { "md5": "35e9ab10bcf016bd24b4c716add009b9", "zippedFile": "phroma.bin", "file": "bios/"},
                                                { "md5": "", "file": "bios/"  },
                                                { "md5": "803530149c274994fabc6d28cbe03679", "zippedFile": "dfs090.rom", "file": "bios/"},
                                                { "md5": "5a3ddfae96178e025f27bf1f69bfa629", "zippedFile": "dfs098.rom", "file": "bios/"},
                                                { "md5": "d636ffb7a80fc29b133d32e4250fbab6", "zippedFile": "dnfs100.rom", "file": "bios/"},
                                                { "md5": "5daed103918277e2065dd7e8d23e57a5", "zippedFile": "dnfs120.rom", "file": "bios/"},
                                                { "md5": "79b31feacab0b1ccddf358be5dfb6241", "zippedFile": "wedfs130.rom", "file": "bios/"},
                                                { "md5": "24458ace9566a01d255bca16b46a960d", "zippedFile": "wedfs141.rom", "file": "bios/"},
                                                { "md5": "6e9356d0a5e7fbabb386824ec370d6f3", "zippedFile": "wedfs142.rom", "file": "bios/"},
                                                { "md5": "990b8a9755af25452c85f23ceb344be4", "zippedFile": "wedfs143.rom", "file": "bios/"},
                                                { "md5": "1d250b0242e447e9106e8bfd1f27ea84", "zippedFile": "wedfs144.rom", "file": "bios/"},
                                                { "md5": "", "file": "bios/"  },
                                                { "md5": "8b3c10a2317808ed94d6c6073b5b3327", "zippedFile": "saa5050", "file": "bios/"},
                                                { "md5": "", "file": "bios/mame/samples/"  },
                                                { "md5": "", "zippedFile": "motoroff.wav", "file": "bios/mame/samples/"},
                                                { "md5": "", "zippedFile": "motoron.wav", "file": "bios/mame/samples/"} ] },

    # ---------- APF M-1000 ---------- #
    "apfm1000":   { "name": "APF M-1000", "biosFiles":  [ { "md5": "", "file": "bios/"  },
                                                { "md5": "1f4a976350202ee1e32c2b0477c3fc1b", "zippedFile": "apf_4000.rom", "file": "bios/"},
                                                { "md5": "b325543b36d37edf3fc20761f00c7a37", "zippedFile": "mod_bios.bin", "file": "bios/"},
                                                { "md5": "89a7cfa5469ce24773721d65b28f8544", "zippedFile": "trash-ii.bin", "file": "bios/"} ] },

    # ---------- Fujitsu FM-7 ---------- #
    "fm7":   { "name": "Fujitsu FM-7", "biosFiles":  [ { "md5": "", "file": "bios/"  },
                                                { "md5": "9f9b7d5615ecdbde2cd26e9306ffef13", "zippedFile": "boot_bas.rom", "file": "bios/"},
                                                { "md5": "18a461ccaf7ef4e8ecad58cecd3a24b3", "zippedFile": "boot_dos_a.rom", "file": "bios/"},
                                                { "md5": "6a5da0404b7ee338df9002cdcabc3068", "zippedFile": "fbasic300.rom", "file": "bios/"},
                                                { "md5": "a330817f8f7ced752a7bcc8dfba8fd2e", "zippedFile": "kanji.rom", "file": "bios/"},
                                                { "md5": "d19ed5923aaae2ec43dffe7a0daa80cb", "zippedFile": "subsys_c.rom", "file": "bios/"},
                                                { "md5": "", "file": "bios/" },
                                                { "md5": "71c96a45b78e88a39cb94c1aabd23d8a", "zippedFile": "fbasic30.rom", "file": "bios/"},
                                                { "md5": "e0f4c0ebee60aee83e863826e59ae1de", "zippedFile": "initiate.rom", "file": "bios/"},
                                                { "md5": "ae945a6dfb642b0a5d0529737e8ee5cd", "zippedFile": "subsys_a.rom", "file": "bios/"},
                                                { "md5": "fb83a1a9725c8432acef0c3ce89492e3", "zippedFile": "subsys_b.rom", "file": "bios/"},
                                                { "md5": "7db27dede3e358017d518101850bccfa", "zippedFile": "subsyscg.rom", "file": "bios/"} ] },

    # ---------- Epoch Game Pocket Computer ---------- #
    "gamepock":   { "name": "Epoch Game Pocket Computer", "biosFiles":  [ { "md5": "", "file": "bios/"  },
                                                { "md5": "a0dd595eafb407a6a4b4ed800005a394", "zippedFile": "egpcboot.bin", "file": "bios/"} ] },

    # ---------- Tiger ---------- #
    "gamecom":   { "name": "Tiger", "biosFiles":  [ { "md5": "", "file": "bios/"  },
                                                { "md5": "813364d4863b1d7b7b8fd6a97a416bcf", "zippedFile": "external.bin", "file": "bios/"},
                                                { "md5": "f7bcefb6daf923c8e5ea2eb69f619efe", "zippedFile": "internal.bin", "file": "bios/"} ] },

    # ---------- VTech CreatiVision ---------- #
    "crvision":   { "name": "VTech CreatiVision", "biosFiles":  [ { "md5": "", "file": "bios/"  },
                                                { "md5": "3b1ef759d8e3fb4071582efd33dd05f9", "zippedFile": "crvision.u20", "file": "bios/"} ] },

    # ---------- Entex Aventure Vision ---------- #
    "advision":   { "name": "Entex Adventure Vision", "biosFiles":  [ { "md5": "", "file": "bios/"  },
                                                { "md5": "5729638bd856c475678467a353bd921c", "zippedFile": "b225__ins8048-11kdp_n.u5", "file": "bios/"},
                                                { "md5": "fc5e71445e4947a9d00eedbc66b13a8f", "zippedFile": "b8223__cop411l-kcn_n.u8", "file": "bios/"} ] },

    # ---------- Bitcorp Gamate ---------- #
    "gamate":   { "name": "Bitcorp Gamate", "biosFiles":  [ { "md5": "", "file": "bios/"  },
                                                { "md5": "b411167df6dd563111729296f4c547f6", "zippedFile": "gamate_bios_bit.bin", "file": "bios/"},
                                                { "md5": "ef67993a94503c4b7798b5901c7dda52", "zippedFile": "gamate_bios_umc.bin", "file": "bios/"} ] },

    # ---------- Phillips CD-i ---------- #
    "cdi":   { "name": "Phillips CD-i", "biosFiles":  [ { "md5": "", "file": "bios/"  },
                                                { "md5": "2969341396aa61e0143dc2351aaa6ef6", "zippedFile": "cdi200.rom", "file": "bios/"},
                                                { "md5": "ac80a92c988ce07fbd6a8f21ded34cf1", "zippedFile": "cdi220.rom", "file": "bios/"},
                                                { "md5": "ac0d468be366779c9df633be98da250a", "zippedFile": "cdi220b.rom", "file": "bios/"},
                                                { "md5": "3e59b8a9a423d3ecd612a32fe4e2d748", "zippedFile": "zx405037p__cdi_servo_2.1__b43t__llek9215.mc68hc705c8a_withtestrom.7201", "file": "bios/"},
                                                { "md5": "3d20cf7550f1b723158b42a1fd5bac62", "zippedFile": "zx405042p__cdi_slave_2.0__b43t__zzmk9213.mc68hc705c8a_withtestrom.7206", "file": "bios/"} ] },
    # ---------- Naomi 2 ---------- #
    "naomi2":   { "name": "Naomi 2", "biosFiles":  [ { "md5": "fc7c2b9363a1e21b9ad42003e165598c", "file": "bios/"  } ] },

    # ---------- Hikaru ---------- #
    "hikaru":   { "name": "Hikaru", "biosFiles":  [ { "md5": "aac601811a25d7b31a3d5f3f1f82f338", "file": "bios/"  } ] },

The roms/ folder contains all the folders for all the systems available on your platform. Adding more folders will not add the system to Batocera; if the folder for that system isn't there then the emulator for that system is not present on your platform.

When installing your own ROMs, make sure that you have them in a suitable format for the emulators you are going to use. For example, if you want to add a NES ROM, make sure that your ROM file extension is listed in the roms/nes/_info.txt file. For this particular system, acceptable ROM formats are .7z .nes .zip, so an acceptable game would be beans.nes. You have one _info.txt file in each ROM system directory by default. New _info.txt files are added as new systems become available. Descriptive names for each system can be found on the system page.

By default, Batocera will hide systems which do not have ROMs present on the drive in the system list. Once ROMs in the right format are added to the appropriate folders and the gamelist is refresh, the new systems will appear.

When multiple emulators are available for the one system, but not all of them accept the same ROM formats, you'll get prompted with a message telling you that your ROM might not be used with the emulator selected when you try to launch a game in an incompatible format. Most of the time, at least. If not sure, refer to the aforementioned _info.txt file.

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