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The content downloader utilizes the Pacman package manager to automatically download and install various bits and bobs from Batocera's servers directly onto your Batocera installation; how neat is that? This can be used to install a wide variety of freely distributed games, themes, and even cheats databases!

Although it may sound tempting, the inclusion of Pacman does not mean you can install a custom repository like the AUR and install any package from any distribution you want; the package ultimately needs to be written for Batocera to work!

You can also press UPDATE INSTALLED CONTENT at the bottom of the screen to simply update the content you already have installed.

Here you can also preview and download themes for Batocera! Some themes are significantly larger than others, be warned!

And finally, we have our integration of the Bezel project. Here you can download bezels tailored to each individual game for the system of your choosing. Of course, not every game is covered, but the Bezel project adds more and more each day!

That's great! If you know of a high-quality game that's freely distributable with no copyrighted materials/licensing to bog it down, feel free to inform our devs on the #wish channel of the Discord server. However, if you're savvy with Linux packaging tools you can try your hand at creating the package yourself to make it easier to be added to Batocera's content store!

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