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In game commands

When playing a game, you can execute some shortcuts with your pad, for example, to exit the game and come back to the main EmulationStation menu.

Shortcuts are called by pressing <hotkey> + <button> simultaneously on player 1's game pad. You can identify the hotkey from the main EmulationStation menu : press any key, on the bottom left, a square appears to identify your player number. If the square is blue, it means that you pressed the hotkey. The hotkey is often “select” or an unused button of the pad. Depending on the themes, some have implemented alternative markers for this, like a little game pad icon on the upper left corner.

Button Action
start exit the game
Y* save state
X* restore state
up* change save slot number (+1)
down* change save slot number (-1)
left* rewind the game
right* accelerate the game
B* emulator menu
L* take a screenshot
R* translate the page (5.24+)
L2* previous shader
R2* next shader
select add credits (coins)

* doesn't work with 100% of the emulators - mostly works with RetroArch/libretro emulators, but it can also depend on your architecture and options.

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