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While in a game, you can execute some shortcuts with your pad, for example, if you want to save/load your in-game state.

Shortcuts are called by pressing <hotkey> + <button> simultaneously on player 1's game pad.

You can identify the hotkey from the main EmulationStation menu : press any key on your controller and you should see a little “controller” icon appear on the upper left corner to identify your player number (a little box at the bottom left corner in earlier versions of Batocera). When the icon turns into a different color than the other buttons, it means that you pressed the hotkey.

The hotkey is often “select” or an unused button of the pad, like the Xbox or PlayStation middle button. This icon can be customized by the theme you are using, some have implemented alternative markers.

Button Action
start exit the game
Y* save state
X* restore state
up* change save slot number (+1)
down* change save slot number (-1)
left* rewind the game
right* accelerate the game
B* emulator menu
L* take a screenshot
R* translate the page (5.24+)
L2* previous shader
R2* next shader
select add credits (coins)

* doesn't work with 100% of the emulators - mostly works with RetroArch/libretro emulators, but it can also depend on your architecture and options.

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