Updates & Downloads

This menu allows you to download freely distributed content for Batocera and stay up to date! Perhaps you could use it to test certain systems? It can be accessed by pressing [START] from the system list or any game list in EmulationStation and navigating to Updates & Downloads. Here are its options:

  • Downloads
  • Content Downloader Starting with Batocera 5.27, you can have access to an online Batocera “store” where you can find freely distributed ROMs, bezels, music themes… and many other enhancements for your system - it relies on the powerful pacman Package Manager for easy upgrades and removals. You can update all installed content here as well!
  • Themes In case you want to change the look of EmulationStation for your install.
  • The Bezel Project So that you can select “The Bezel Project” in the list of preset decorations and bezels.
  • Software Updates
  • Check for Updates Will display a pop-up window when an update becomes available for your update type (below).
  • Update Type “Stable” for new major releases, “Beta” for the fearless; help us debug Batocera! More information on differences between stable and beta versions is available on this page.
  • Start Update Do an update right now (if available)!

When downloading new themes and bezels, or even when scraping your games, you can see a pop-up window usually on the upper right corner of your screen. You can see the progress of the download tasks: those tasks are processed in the background, which means that you can play your games while your downloads are processed in the background (there may be frame skips as files are processed)!

New major versions of Batocera are released semi-regularly, providing bug fixes, new features/systems and performance upgrades. You can choose to show a pop-up window when a new version is available if you select Check for Updates in this menu.

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