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File Management

Batocera features a built-in file manager!

In case you're not on a PC or other device which supports the Xorg protocol (required for PCman), a lighter, gamepad-focused file manager is also available:

To transfer files via SSH protocol from a Windows computer to your Batocera machine:

If you've got a lot of disc-based media these pages will interest you:

Batocera offers a variety of options for managing userdata (or share data as it's otherwise known). You can just use the drive you've got Batocera installed on, or:

If you'd like to automatically sync folders between multiple devices via the network/internet:

Refer to the system's page for info on its shortname (folder path in /userdata/roms/). The paths are easy enough to intuite however, and there's an _info.txt in each folder describing the system's full name. Remember, if a folder is not present on your device, then its emulator is not supported by that version of Batocera.

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