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This allows you to earn achievements on old retro games like Mario, Sonic, etc. on several home gaming systems, as well as some arcade games (like Neo Geo). This is very similar to Xbox 360 or PS3/PS4 achievements or successes and you’re able to keep track of what you’ve unlocked from RetroAchievements. The best in this: it’s a free service.

Once you have configured your correct username in the GAME MENURETROACHIEVEMENTS SETTINGS menu, a new top-level RETROACHIEVEMENTS menu will appear in EmulationStation. This gives you a direct link to your current RetroAchievements score, how you rank against all RetroAchievements players worldwide, and the number of achievements unlocked in the last 5 Retroachievement-enabled games you played on Batocera.

What if the RetroAchievements menu tells me that my username is not found? If you just created your RetroAchievements profile on RetroAchievements, it might take 24 hours to get your profile up to date, or your first few achievement points correctly updated on the website. Get some RetroAchievements unlocked, and the menu should show up correctly within the next 24 hours.

Batocera 5.25 introduces an updated look and feel for the RetroAchievements screen. You can select each game to have more details (how many points, last time you played this game).

RetroAchievements are only available on libretro cores. If you play a system that has both standalone and libretro cores, make sure you selected a libretro core.

  • PS1: make sure you are using .bin/.cue format at it's the only format supported at the moment (tested on a RPi4 with both available emulators in April 2020)

Also, if you want to compete with fellow Batocera users, you can find a list of Batocera RetroAchievements players on this page from the web site.

Go to the Discord channel and ask the moderators to be added to the list!

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