Cannonball (enhanced OutRun)

Cannonball is a complete rewrite of Sega Out Run arcade racer, features several enhancements to the original game: higher frame rate at 60 fps, higher resolution sprite scaling, wide screen support, new game modes and so on.

Most users will be fine with the arcade and console versions of OutRun, so by default, Cannonball is disabled.

To enable it, go to /userdata/roms/cannonball/ or \SHARE\roms\cannonball\ from the SMB network and rename the file Cannonball.cannonball.disabled into Cannonball.cannonball.

Cannonball requires the original Outrun ROM Revision B files to play the game. Contrary to MAME or FBNeo, you need to unzip the ROM files in the roms/cannonball/ folder. The list of ROM files required is available from this link on Cannonball's Github.

Severa ROM zip files can be used to extract the OutRun data files. Make sure yours in one of following (using the command md5sum or md5sum



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