PICO-8 is a fantasy console created by Lexaloffle for playing tiny games inspired by the 8-bit consoles era. It has never been physically released, but runs as a software on computers like Windows / Mac / Linux and web browsers. Lexaloffle doesn't support all SBC, only the Raspberry Pi, and sells a commercial app for developing and running Pico-8 games and programs. If you like this piece of software, please support Lexaloffle and purchase it! It's well worth it.

Batocera Linux doesn't embed the commercial program, but can support a variety of pico-8 games through an emulator. That means that not 100% games will run perfectly, much like many other emulators.

  • Display: 128×128 16 colors
  • Cartridge: embedded as PNG images, max 32kB
  • Sound: 4 channel chiptunes
  • Code: Lua
  • Sprites: 256 8×8 sprites

Pico-8 games are distributed as PNG images with the actual code, sprites and sounds embedded in them. Those are actual, real image files, that stands as the cartridge art too. You have to “load” the PNG to run the game. You can download hundreds of carts from the official page, the community is very active! Once you select a game, make sure you click on the “cart” link that downloads a .PNG file.

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