PlayStation 2 emulation is available through pcsx2, and available on Batocera PC x86 and x86_64 versions only (i.e. not on Raspberry Pi, Odroid or other SBCs).

Also, PS2 being one of the more recent machines, emulating it requires more resources than older systems. In particular you need a relatively decent CPU with a beefy GPU for hardware acceleration. You can find some PC performance measurements and recommendations on this page.

This PS2 emulator is what we call a “standalone emulator”, with controllers mapped automatically during the emulator launch using what is already configured on EmulationStation interface (user mappings or automatically probed by Batocera). However, it does not embed all the features you can find on libretro-powered emulators like bezels, shaders, automatic translations, rewind and some other features.

You can speed up games launch process by editing batocera.conf, searching, enabling and changing the key ps2.fullboot value to zero (ps2.fullboot=0). This will skip the boot/bios start animation during game launch.

But be aware that some games relies on BIOS to get start-up parameters and thus may not work correctly.

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