PS3 emulation is available on Batocera PC x86_64 only (i.e. not on Raspberry Pi, Odroid or other SBCs). The emulator we use is RPCS3, the PS3 opensource emulator.

It requires more resources than older systems, in particular you need a decent CPU with a Vulkan-compatible GPU for hardware acceleration. You won't run games correctly if you don't have GPU acceleration, please refer to RPCS3 hardware recommendations on their website.

You need to download the PS3 BIOS and put it into bios/PS3UPDAT.PUP to run games. Sony distributes those files from their website, Google is your friend for more information.

On Batocera 29, for the first run, you need to manually install the firmware into RPCS3. In order to do so, you need to launch the File browser from [F1] when you are on the main systems menu, go to Applications and run the application rpcs3-config.

When you are on the RPCS3 configuration tool, go to the File menu and select Install firmware. The firmware file you need to provide is the one installed above. It's located in /userdata/bios/PS3UPDAT.PUP on the Batocera Linux file system. The install of the PlayStation 3 firmware will take a few minutes (“Compiling PPU modules”)… please be patient!

Once you have correctly installed the firmware in the previous step, you can quit the File browser ([Ctrl]+[Q]) and go in the PS3 system menu from EmulationStation.

PlayStation 3 games are installed as .ps3 directories.

On the first run of each game, RPCS3 will be compiling PPU modules again.

You can check the latest PS3 game compatibility from the official list on RPCS3 website.

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