ScummVM is an emulator that runs classic graphical point-and-click adventure and RPG games from the 80's and 90s. It supports 250+ games with many classics from LucasArts, Sierra On-Line, Cyan or Westwood Studios.

ScummVM emulates the engine of the game, but requires the data files.

Create a directory per game in /userdata/roms/scummvm/. For example, let's imagine you own the data file from the Day of the Tentacle, in that case, just put all the files in a directrory /userdata/roms/scummvm/Day_of_the_Tentacle/. Then, in this game data directory, you need to create a file with the codename of the game, like tentacle.scummvm. This file can just be empty.

How can you find the codenames for each game? They are provided on this page from the main ScummVM website.

It's the launch file that needs to be tentacle.scummvm, not the directory that contains the game files.

Most of the games are point-and-click games designed to be played with a mouse. If you don't have a mouse, left analog stick can be used too.

While in game, you can click on R1 trigger to open the ScummVM menu, which enables you to quit.

As each ScummVM game needs to be in its own folder, be careful with the option on how you display folders in UI Settings. It should be set to HAVING MULTIPLE GAMES or NEVER. If you set it to ALWAYS, well, you'll always see the ScummVM folders.

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