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Help/Support & Releases

As perfect and magnificent as Batocera is, there will be times where things go wrong and you'll need to troubleshoot certain issues. This is for that.

The first thing to check is the page for the particular system you're having trouble with, as that will usually inform you of any common errors and prerequisite files you'll need for it:

If you're needing to look into older/legacy versions of Batocera for your hardware, or need to upgrade to a beta build to fix a particular nasty bug:

When deciding to ask for help, the first page to check is the general troubleshooting page. It will tell you how to get your log files, which can help the support team help you better:

For more general troubleshooting like network, audio and screen issues, controllers not working correctly, etc.:

If you're certain it's an issue with Batocera and would like to provide a helpful issue report:

You got banned from a Batocera social platform!? 8-O There is an appeal process (not to be misused):

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