Xash3D FWGS is a fork of the original Xash3D Engine by Unkle Mike. It allows you to play certain Source engine games such as Half-Life.

This system scrapes metadata for the “xash3d_fwgs” group(s) and loads the xash3d_fwgs set from the currently selected theme, if available.

Grouped with the “ports” group of systems.

  • Emulator: Xash3D_FWGS
  • Folder: /userdata/roms/xash3d_fwgs
  • Accepted ROM formats: .game

No Xash3D-FWGS emulator in Batocera needs a BIOS file to run.

Xash3D-FWGS supports the following games:

You will need to have a working copy already installed on your Steam account on a computer.

  1. Navigate to the game's data folder, eg. for Half-Life this would be Steam/steamapps/common/Half-Life/<game data>/
  2. Copy it to /userdata/roms/xash3d_fwgs/<game data>/ on your Batocera machine
  3. Create an empty folder named <game folder>.game and place it in the /userdata/roms/xash3d_fwgs/ folder alongside the folder you just copied over, eg. Half-Life.game.
  4. Finally, download https://github.com/FWGS/xash-extras/releases/latest/download/extras.pak and copy it to /userdata/roms/xash3d_fwgs/extras.pak.

An example folder structure with a bunch of games installed might look like this:

└─ xash3d_fwgs/
   ├─ bshift/
   │  └─ (all of Blueshift's data)
   ├─ bshift.game/
   │  └─ (completely empty)
   ├─ cstrike/
   │  └─ (all of Counter Strike's data)
   ├─ cstrike.game/
   │  └─ (completely empty)
   ├─ Half-Life/
   │  └─ (all of Half-Life's data)
   ├─ Half-Life.game/
   │  └─ (completely empty)
   ├─ valve/
   │  └─ (all of valve game's data)
   ├─ valve.game/
   │  └─ (completely empty)
   ├─ _info.txt   
   ├─ extras.pak
   └─ gamelist.xml

Here are the default Xash3D-FWGS's controls shown on a Batocera Retropad:

For further troubleshooting, refer to the generic support pages.

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