ECWolf is a port of the Wolfenstein 3D engine based of Wolf4SDL. It combines the original Wolfenstein 3D engine with the user experience of ZDoom to create the most user and mod author friendly Wolf3D source port.

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ECWolf was constructed with GZDoom's API in mind, so their command syntax/configuration appear to be very similar, but cross-compatibility should not be assumed or expected. There will usually be specific commands/configs required for each system that corrupt/are incompatible with the other, resulting in issues.

This system scrapes metadata for the “ecwolf” group(s) and loads the ecwolf set from the currently selected theme, if available.

Grouped with the “ports” group of systems.

  • Emulator: ecwolf
  • Folder: /userdata/roms/ecwolf
  • Accepted ROM formats: .ecwolf, .pk3, .squashfs

No ECWolf emulator in Batocera needs a BIOS file to run.

Install to roms/ecwolf/. Supports the original DOS executables (wolf3d.exe, spear.exe, etc.). Requires all supplementary files that were included with the original installation.

1.x mods may not be compatible with 2.x, and vice versa. The philosophy on backwards mod compatibility going forward is TBA.

  1. Put the game's folder in the /roms/ecwolf and add the extension .ecwolf
  2. and inside that, the appropriate files: .wl6 or .wl1 or .sod or .sdm

For example: /roms/ecwolf/Wolfenstein 3D.ecwolf/<.wl6 game files>

More details at:

/userdata/roms/ecwolf/Spear of Destiny.ecwolf/
                                             ├── audiohed.sod
                                             ├── audiot.sod
                                             ├── config.sod
                                             ├── gamemaps.sod
                                             ├── gamemaps.sd2
                                             ├── gamemaps.sd3
                                             ├── maphead.sod
                                             ├── maphead.sd2
                                             ├── maphead.sd3
                                             ├── vgadict.sod
                                             ├── vgagraph.sod
                                             ├── vgahead.sod
                                             ├── vswap.sod
                                             ├── vswap.sd2
                                             └── vswap.sd3
/userdata/roms/ecwolf/Super 3D Noah's Ark.ecwolf/
                                                ├── audiohed.wl6
                                                ├── audiot.wl6
                                                ├── config.wl6
                                                ├── gamemaps.wl6
                                                ├── maphead.wl6
                                                ├── vgadict.wl6
                                                ├── vgagraph.wl6
                                                ├── vgahead.wl6
                                                └──  vswap.wl6

/userdata/roms/ecwolf/Wolfenstein 3D.ecwolf/
                                           ├── audiohed.wl6
                                           ├── audiot.wl6
                                           ├── config.wl6
                                           ├── gamemaps.wl6
                                           ├── maphead.wl6
                                           ├── vgadict.wl6
                                           ├── vgagraph.wl6
                                           ├── vgahead.wl6
                                           └── vswap.wl6
 ## Shareware

                                     ├── audiohed.wl1
                                     ├── audiot.wl1
                                     ├── config.wl1
                                     ├── gamemaps.wl1
                                     ├── maphead.wl1
                                     ├── vgadict.wl1
                                     ├── vgagraph.wl1
                                     ├── vgahead.wl1
                                     └── vswap.wl1

 ## Demo

                                    ├── audiohed.sdm
                                    ├── audiot.sdm
                                    ├── config.sdm
                                    ├── gamemaps.sdm
                                    ├── maphead.sdm
                                    ├── vgadict.sdm
                                    ├── vgagraph.sdm
                                    ├── vgahead.sdm
                                    └── vswap.sdm

ECWolf can run mods, but only ones that have no code changes.

  1. Rename the mode files extension to one compatible with ECWolf: .wl6, .wl1 or .sod
  2. Enjoy!

e.g.: for the MOD Conflict In The Fatherland (1999), rename the files from .bj2 to .wl6, add the game to /userdata/roms/ecworlf/Conflict In The Fatherland.ecwolf/, launch the game in Batocera, and select Wolfenstein 3D due to .wl6 be a extension be related to the base game Wolfenstein 3D. Enjoy your MOD!



  • Spear of Destiny
  • Spear of Destiny - UAC
  • Super 3d Noah's Ark
  • Wolfenstein 3D


  • Super 3d Noah's Ark
  • Wolfenstein 3D + Spear of Destiny

Unsuported (currently):

  • Corridor 7- Alien Invasion
  • Operation Body Count

ECWolf configuration

Standardized features available to all cores of this emulator: ecwolf.videomode, ecwolf.padtokeyboard

Here are the default ECWolf's controls shown on a Batocera Retropad:


For further troubleshooting, refer to the generic support pages.

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