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Watara Supervision

The Watara Supervision, also known as the QuickShot Supervision in the UK, is a monochrome handheld game console, originating from Asia, and introduced in 1992 as a cut-price competitor for Nintendo's Game Boy. It came packaged with a game called Crystball, which is similar to Breakout. One unique feature of the Supervision was that it could be linked up to a television via a link cable. Games played in this way would display in four colors, much like Nintendo's Super Game Boy add-on for the SNES. A full color TV link was also in the works, but because of the Supervision's failure to make a major impression among gamers it was cancelled, along with the games which were in development for it.

The system was renamed from watara to supervision prior to Batocera v31.

This system scrapes metadata for the “supervision” group(s) and loads the supervision set from the currently selected theme, if available.

No Watara Supervision emulator in Batocera needs a BIOS file to run.

Place your Watara Supervision ROMs in /userdata/roms/supervision.

RetroArch (formerly SSNES), is a ubiquitous frontend that can run multiple “cores”, which are essentially the emulators themselves. The most common cores use the libretro API, so that's why cores run in RetroArch in Batocera are referred to as “libretro/(core name)”. RetroArch aims to unify the feature set of all libretro cores and offer a universal, familiar interface independent of platform.

RetroArch configuration

RetroArch offers a Quick Menu accessed by pressing [HOTKEY] + South button (B SNES) which can be used to alter various things like RetroArch and core options, and controller mapping. Most RetroArch related settings can be altered from Batocera's EmulationStation.

Standardized features available to all libretro cores: supervision.videomode, supervision.ratio, supervision.smooth, supervision.shaders, supervision.pixel_perfect, supervision.decoration, supervision.game_translation

ES setting name batocera.conf_key Description ⇒ ES option key_value
Settings that apply to all cores of this emulator
GRAPHICS BACKEND supervision.gfxbackend Choose your graphics rendering
⇒ OpenGL opengl, Vulkan vulkan.
AUDIO LATENCY supervision.audio_latency Audio latency in milliseconds, turn it up if you hear crackles
⇒ 256 256, 192 192, 128 128, 64 64, 32 32, 16 16, 8 8.
THREADED VIDEO supervision.video_threaded Improves performance at the cost of latency and more video stuttering. Use only if full speed cannot be obtained otherwise.
⇒ On true, Off false.


A Watara Supervision Emulator based on Normmatt version. Batocera uses the latest libretro core.

libretro/potator configuration
ES setting name batocera.conf_key Description ⇒ ES option key_value
Settings that apply to all systems this core supports
COLOR PALETTE global.watara_palette Choose which color palette is going to be used
⇒ Green - GameKing gameking, GB - DMG gb_dmg, GB - Light gb_light, GB - Pocket gb_pocket, VB - Virtual Boy virtual_boy, Potator - Orangish - Amber potator_amber, Potator - Green potator_green, Potator - Blue potator_blue, Potator - Green - BGB potator_bgb, Potator - Green Wataroo potator_wataroo, Brownish - Travel Wood travel_wood, Blue - Bubbles Blue bubbles_Blue, Blue - Game Master game_master, Blue - Shiny Sky Blue shiny_sky_blue, Blue - Slime Blue slime_blue, Gold - Golden Wild golden_wild, Gold - Labo Fawn labo_fawn, Gold - Million Live Gold million_live_gold, Gold - Odyssey Gold odyssey_Gold, Grey - Greyscale default, Grey - Digivice digivice, Grey - Microvision microvision, Green - Buttercup Green buttercup_green, Green - game_com, Green - Greenscale greenscale, Green - Legendary Super Saiyan legendary_super_saiyan, Green - TI-83 ti_83, Orange - Hokage Orange hokage_orange, Pink - Blossom Pink blossom_pink.
GHOSTING EFFECT global.watara_ghosting Simulation of LCD ghosting effects
⇒ Off 0, 1 Frame 1, 2 Frames 2, 3 Frames 3, 4 Frames 4, 5 Frames 5, 6 Frames 6, 7 Frames 7, 8 Frames 8.

Here are the default Watara Supervision's controls shown on a Batocera Retropad:

The default button mapping to the Watara Supervision is 1-to-1 with the Nintendo Game Boy.

For further troubleshooting, refer to the generic support pages.

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